Current Works

Current Works

General maintenance work is being carried out throughout the municipality. 

Pedestrian detour at Seaport on Thursday 25 and Friday May 26 from 7am to 10am each day
The pedestrian access at the Home Point corner (Seaport) will be diverted through the concrete levy gate to allow the contractor to take delivery of steelwork for the boardwalk replacement project. Detour signage will displayed for pedestrians.   

Cimitiere Street partial lane closure from 17 May until approximately mid July
One east-bound lane will be closed on Cimitiere Street, between Bathurst and Charles Streets for approximately 8 weeks, from Wednesday, 17 May to allow safe access of heavy vehicles into the CH Smith construction site.  

Line marking will be undertaken at selected roads across the CBD during June.     

Reseal work will commence / continue early June at the following locations:

Oakden Road Prospect, from Westbury Road intersection to Bass Highway

Opossum Road from Quarantine Road to Poplar Parade intersection  

Beech Road from numbers 8 to 18 

University Way from beginning of Tamar Highway - culvert at Alanvale Road

Forster Street and Montague Street intersection

Vermont Road and Jellico Street intersection

Boland Street and Racecourse Crescent intersection

Hi-grip treatment will be applied at the following locations commencing early June:  

Hillside Crescent and Bourke Street intersection

Howick Street and High Street intersection 

Paterson Street East Car Park Laneway. Drainage works are now complete and asphalting work will commence next week.

High Street, repairs to several roundabouts will commence in the next few weeks 

Charlton Street Reserve Playground Stage 2 of the project has commenced.  This involves the construction of a snakes and ladders style feature placed on a new terrace which will support 4 embankment slides.  The terrace will be created from Tasmanian quarried sandstone and hand-picked rocks, creating a nature play area for children. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the site is safe during construction, residents are reminded to discourage children from playing on rocks before the playground is completed.  Council asks that residents and visitors respect any signage indicating areas where access is denied.  

Bryan and Albion Streets, Invermay - Roundabout. Stage 2 of this roundabout construction project is due to commence in May, with works consisting of line marking, the placement of traffic island and the installation of signage. Please expect minor disruptions to traffic and property access on Albion Street.   

Seaport Boardwalk Extension (Park Street to Home Point). A continuation of the decking replacement along the Seaport Boardwalk is underway.  As well as new decking, the work includes new handrails and in some areas, new supporting steel work structure. When the work is in progress, pedestrian access will be maintained as there is an asphalt footpath running alongside the existing timber decking. Work is expected to continue until June 2017. 

Punchbowl Reserve Erosion Works. Erosion mitigation works in the Kings Meadows Rivulet, within the Punchbowl Reserve, are now complete. Reinstated surfaces will take time for grass to re-establish. Council thanks the community for its patience and diligence during these extensive works.    

Wellington Street, between Vernon and Bailey Street. The continuation of kerb and channel, footpath upgrade and driveway cross-overs between Vernon and Bailey Streets have commenced. Work will continue for 4-5 weeks from 7am - 5pm.  On completion of the kerb and channel work, night work will commence to reseal Wellington Street from Cridge Street to Bailey Street, covering the existing concrete road slab with asphalt.  

Hillside Crescent Service Road, West Launceston. Stage 2 of repairs to the service road situated above the retaining wall of Hillside Crescent began in April. Installation of a handrail has been completed and asphalt works to the road surface, drainage works and repairs to bluestone kerb are currently taking place. During the works there will be changes to traffic management, periods of traffic delays, temporary detours, as well as restricted access to some residents' driveways located on the service road. Residents are advised that similar measures will be in place as those imposed during Stage 1. 

Lawson Street/Paringa Avenue - Construction of a pedestrian island. Pedestrian island has been installed at the intersection of Lawson Street and Paringa Avenue to create a safer crossing for pedestrians, particularly those from the Dementia and Alzheimer's Association at 63 Paringa Avenue. Work is expected to be completed by mid-May.   

Dineen and Joffre Streets, Mowbray. Work will begin imminently on the construction of a roundabout on the intersection of Dineen and Joffre Streets, and continue June.  During this time minor disruptions to traffic may occur. 

Youngtown Regional Park. Drainage work will commence on Monday May 15 for a period of about two weeks. For safety reason, the pathway at the rear of properties located between 38-64 Belgrave Parade will be closed to pedestrians for the duration of the works. Council apologises for any inconvenience caused.

Lilydale Memorial Hall. Reconstruction of the hall toilets are due for completion by the end of November.

Ravenswood Community Centre. The community centre is being redeveloped and due for completion by the end of June.

 2016 Flood Drainage Rural Road Repair Work Update

Parts of Launceston's rural road network were badly affected and suffered damage during the June 2016 Flood event. Damage included open drain erosion, blocked culverts and erosion of road shoulders. There was also extensive erosion of bridge approaches, a general loss of gravel on some unsealed roads and the lifting of road seals on the flood ways adjacent to bridges and larger culverts. With the completion of North Esk River Bridge, on Musselboro Road and Snake Gully Bridge (off Bangor Road) all but two of our damaged bridges and their approaches have now been repaired and returned to normal service.Planning is underway to complete the remaining works over 11 different sites in the next few months. 

Deddington Road: Culvert replacement  work will begin week commencing June 5 as part of the 2016 flood recovery works. Work will continue for 2 weeks (weather permitting) and during this time Deddington Road will be closed between Blessington Road and Sawpit Hill Road. Detour signage will be in place.

Bangor Road: Landslide repair work will commence at the Karoola end of Bangor Road on June 19 for approximately 5 days, weather permitting.   

Rowleys Hill Rd and Pooles Rd:  Drainage work will be carried our near the end sections of both Rowleys Hill Road and Pooles Road from 5 June 2017.  Work will continue for approximately 3 days, weather permitting.  

Falls Bridge: Some rock and concrete erosion protection is still to be added under Falls Bridge, north of Lilydale and Dicksons Road, Karoola.

Drain repair and erosion protection: work is yet to be completed adjacent to Upper Blessington Road, Whites Mill Road, Cherry Farm Road, Burns Road, Rowleys Hill Road, Pooles Road and Lalla Road.  Final completion of work at these sites will be dependent on weather and contractor availability.  If all proceeds well work is expected to be completed around the end of June 2017.

Some sites still have speed and width restrictions until all repair work is completed. 

Upcoming Works

Repair of Falls Bridge abutments on Golanda Road - date TBA 

Elphin Road - proposed pedestrian refuge between Richards Avenue and Hart Street
City of Launceston has sought resident opinion regarding the proposed construction of a pedestrian refuge outside Nos. 121 and 114 Elphin Road on the crown of the hill between Hart Street and Richards Avenue. This project will provide a safer crossing for pedestrians, in particular, school children attending local schools and catching the bus to/from other schools, as well as those attending sporting facilities in Newstead. The proposed project will mean the loss of one parking space outside 121 Elphin Street, and 3 parking spaces outside 114 Elphin Street. This project, if approved, is scheduled to begin in the 2017/2018 financial year. Results of the consultation are now being compiled.  

Galvin Street
Construction of new standard concrete kerbs and channels replacing existing arch crossings on the right side of Galvin Street from 1-39.  Project includes adjusting the levels of driveways and the removal of old gully pit, replacing it with standard new side entry pits. Project is scheduled to begin in the 2017/2018 financial year. 

Gascoyne Street
Parking bay designs are currently underway for Gascoyne Street, between Chifley Street and Eurella Street, to enable a minimum clear road width of four metres.   Project is scheduled to begin in the next financial year. 

Gascoyne Street
Parking bays will be provided in Gascoyne Street, between Chifley Street and Eurella Street to enable a minimum clear road width of four metres. Project is scheduled to begin 2017/2018 financial year.

Abbott and Arthur Street Intersection
Council proposes to construct a peanut-roundabout on the above intersection aimed at improving driver safety and traffic flow for Arthur Street commuters. This project, if approved, is scheduled to begin in the 2017/2018 financial year. Comments regarding this project can be emailed to the Community Engagement Officer Sandy Astill.

Amy Road
An upgrade of the kerb and channel on the northern side of Amy Street, between Abbott and Arundel Streets, will begin in July 2017, continuing for three-four weeks. During this time a pedestrian refuge traffic island will also be constructed outside 40 and 39 Amy Road providing a safer crossing for pedestrians, in particular, school children that use that section of the road.  Comments regarding this project can be emailed to the Community Engagement Officer Sandy Astill.

Lyttleton Street
An upgrade of existing gully pits, access ramps, footpath is proposed for the intersection of Lyttleton Street and Elphin Road. This project, if approved, is scheduled to begin in the 2017/2018 financial year.

Ramsay Street/David Street Intersection
Improvements to kerb and channel, kerb alignment and pedestrian access are scheduled for the intersection of David and Ramsay Street, East Launceston.  Work is planned for 2017/2018 financial year. 


The City of Launceston's Road Services maintains a comprehensive road network around the municipality.  

This can involve minor and major works at all times of the year, which we'll notify you of.

Please note that wet weather and unforeseen circumstances can change the start date of work and alter the programmed duration. 

If you have any questions about our works program, please contact us