Conducting Business with Council

Procurement Structure 

Procurement is the process of buying goods, services and contract works and includes a range of items for roads, footpaths, community facilities, parks and trees to heavy vehicles, office equipment, professional services, trades services, utilities and more. 

The City of Launceston operates a centre-led Procurement department wherein all strategy, corporate policy, and direction for Council Procurement are outlined. The Procurement department undertakes a strategic approach to all procurement, applying a strong commercial consideration to achieve best value for money outcomes for the City of Launceston ratepayers.  

Procurement within the City of Launceston is extremely varied and provides services for general council requirements, an AFL stadium, a world class aquatic centre, the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, a crematorium and garden cemetery plus a visitor travel centre and heritage buildings, parks and gardens.

Read about Council's Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase here(PDF, 83KB)


Council procurement is guided by State Government guidelines, plus in-house Policies inclusive of the points below:

  • The Council will enter into business contracts, only with approved suppliers or tenderers who conform to City of Launceston Business, Quality, Safety Standards, and comply with all State and National Legislation.
  • The Council will conduct all procurement activities in a legal, financially responsible manner, reflecting principles of probity and transparency.
  • The Council aims for overall value for money, plus efficiency of transactions while maintaining accounting traceability through to the processing of payments.

For purchases or contracts equal to or greater than $250,000, Council uses a public tender process.  

For purchases less than $250,000 a series of corresponding quote requirements are strictly adhered to.

(Note the State Government allows some exceptions to the above processes.) 

Payments to suppliers will be made on presentation of an approved invoice payable as per Council requirements. Invoices received will also need to comply with the Australian Taxation Office Invoicing Requirements. See the Requirements here

When invoices are received from suppliers, a three-way document match is required between:

1. The purchase order
2. The goods/service receipt
3. The suppliers invoice stating the relevant Purchase Order

On the exact match between all three documents, the invoice will be accepted and paid against as per Council terms.

Completed Tax invoices are recommended to be emailed to 

Read our Procurement Policy here(PDF, 121KB) or please email any questions to

Open Tenders and Requests For Quotations 

To submit a tender, please email with accompanying documents to

Please be aware of the due date and time of the tender and know all submissions will be held in strictest of confidence. 

Read about our Code of Tendering here(PDF, 148KB)


The City of Launceston has a number of ongoing contracts and service agreements, which businesses and contractors can tender for when due.

These can include cleaning, security services, Contract Services, Road Maintenance services, Consumables supplies, PPE , Gas, Electricity and Insurance.

All Tenders and Request For Quotations are prepared and advertised strictly in accord with Council and State Government procedures (where applicable).