Strategies, Reports and Policy

Duck Reach Power Station  

Greater Launceston Plan

The Greater Launceston Plan (GLP) is a comprehensive outline of the social, economic and environmental status of our municipality and surrounding areas.

The GLP examines trends and how we can capitalise on our strengths and address challenges.

The community's vision and aspirations for the greater Launceston area by 2035 is also set out in the GLP.   

See Major Projects for more information and associated documents. 

Strategic Plan
The City of Launceston's Strategic Plan has been designed to provide direction for the Council as the major provider of services and facilities in Northern Tasmania. 

2014-2024 Strategic Plan(PDF, 16MB)

Annual Plan
An important part of Council's planning process is its Annual Plan. The Annual Plan details the major actions the Council will undertake in a financial year to work towards achieving the strategies outlined in the Council's ten year Strategic Plan. The plan is released annually at the beginning of the financial year and the Council reports on progress against the Annual Plan every quarter.

2016/17 Annual Plan(PDF, 1019KB)

Annual Report

The Council's Annual Report profiles the Launceston region and Council. It also identifies the Council's objectives for the financial year as established in its Annual Plan and in line with the Greater Launceston Plan. Council's performance in accordance with those objectives is monitored and reported to demonstrate commitment to openess, accuracy and transparancy. Our Annual Report aims to satisfy our statutory responsibilities under the Local Government Act 1993 and other legislation.  

2015/16 Annual Report

Launceston Parking and Sustainable Transport Strategy

This study reviews the current objectives and planning regulations relating to parking and sustainable modes of transport within Launceston’s Central Activities District which includes the CBD.|

Launceston Parking and Sustainable Transport Strategy(PDF, 11MB)

Political Advertising on Council Facilities

This policy ensures a consistent and equitable treatment of signage by elected political members erected in Council controlled properties or reserves.

Political Advertising on Council Facilities Policy(PDF, 20KB)