Fees and Enrolment

$33.00 per child, per fortnight, by direct debit.  This equates to $16.50 per class. See below for how to arrange a direct debit. 


1. Book in for a Swimming Assessment.  We assess each student individually, so we can ensure they are placed in the most appropriate class.

2. Complete and return a Swim School Enrolment Form(PDF, 275KB) and a Direct Debit form*. Depending on when the next Direct Debit run occurs, you may also be required to pay a pro-rata amount at this time.

3. You will be booked into a class immediately. The Deck Supervisor will liaise with you, to find the most suitable class day and time.

4. You will receive notification of enrolment and your classes will start on the next available day.

*Swim School Credit Card Direct Debit Form(PDF, 110KB) or Bank Account Direct Debit Form(PDF, 114KB).

If you are currently a member of our Swim School or have been recently and need to re-enrol, please contact our Swim School Office 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday. 

Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Swim School Terms and Conditions(PDF, 142KB)