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Event Sponsorship Program

The purpose of the Event Sponsorship Program is to support, and provide incentive for community events held in the Launceston municipality that contribute to a diverse, vibrant and strategically balanced city events program which result in positive social, economic, environmental and city image outcomes for the Launceston community.

Event Sponsorship for the 2015-2016 financial year (for events 1 August 2015 - 31 July 2016) has now closed.

Applications for Event Sponsorship (Round 1) 2016-2017 (for events from 1 August until 31 December 2016) will open on 1 February 2016 (closing 30 June).

Event sponsorship applications can be made for up to $20,000* (plus GST if applicable).  There are two funding rounds per year.  Normally no more than half the budget will be recommended for approval in each funding round. Any money left from one funding round will be carried over to the remaining funding round. No funding will be granted for events that have already commenced or are completed and only one form of funding (i.e. sponsorship or grant) will be provided for any event, per financial year.

Event Sponsorship Guidelines

Event Sponsorship Guidelines should be read in conjunction with the City of Launceston Strategic Plan 2014-2024 and the Events StrategyFor help using the SmartyGrants application process please refer to the Guide

* The City of Launceston requests that all applicants discuss their proposed event prior to completing an application form. 
To discuss your proposed event or for more information, please call the City of Launceston Grants and Sponsorship Officer on 03 6323 3217 or send an email.