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Community safety

Community safety can be defined as an approach to building and sustaining community harmony through positive relationships and partnerships between all stakeholders. 

This approach focuses on fighting crime  using a cooperative approach, involving all levels of government, not just the police (whether public, private or voluntary) and whole community. The long term aim of community safety is to strengthen communities and reduce the likelihood of problems occurring and respond to them effectively.
Community safety is broader than crime prevention and encompasses efforts to reassure communities and influence their perceptions about safety issues and crimes. It aims to address the causes of crime and what influences people to get involved in crime. It also looks at the factors that contribute to the fear of crime, which include not just criminal activities but also antisocial behaviour, perception, stereotypes, personal experience and environmental factors.

Check out our 2016Community Safety Handbook on how you can have a SAFER WINTER IN LAUNCESTON (PDF 1.3MB)

Launceston Safer Communities Partnership
The Launceston Safer Community Partnership (LSCP) is an inter-organisational partnership which addresses community safety issues as they relate to the greater Launceston area. In doing so, LSCP: 
  • Includes in its membership representatives from Local Government and State Government departments, community-based organisations and the business sector;
  • Initiates action in relation to safety issues which affect the amenity and quality of life of the greater Launceston area;
  • Works within the framework of Tasmania Together and the Partnership Agreement between the State Government and Launceston City Council; and
  • Develops appropriate responses to community safety issues from a strengths-based community perspective that builds stronger communities through partnerships, coordination and resource sharing.
Meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month from 9.00am to 10.30am at the Launceston City Council. For any community safety queries, please contact the Chairperson of LSCP, PO Box 396, Launceston.  For further information about LSCP phone Community Development on 03 6323 3219 or email

Dealing with the Police Brochure (PDF 669 KB)

Lock it or Lose it
The Lock it or Lose it initiative is a
 community safety campaign by the Launceston Safer Communities Partnership which encourages motorists to ensure sure they lock their cars, with the aim of reducing the occurrence of opportunistic theft.

As part of the campaign, posters and footpath stickers remind residents and tourists alike to lock and hide their valuables when parking their cars.

The Launceston Safer Communities Partnership approached Launceston College media students to create a 30-second television advertisement to support the local campaign.

Three media studies teams took on the challenge.

You can watch their clips below...

Lock it or Lose it: "Flashback":

Lock it or Lose it: "Guitar":

Lock it or Lose it: "Sorry, Mate":


Community Road Safety
The Launceston City Council and the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (DIER) established a Community Road Safety Partnership (CRSP) in 2004. The Council’s commitment was demonstrated by the appointment of a part time Road Safety Officer to Council's Community, Tourism and Events Department. The Officer, who now has an expanded community safety role, has facilitated and implemented several successful road safety projects over the years in conjunction with Road Safety Consultants from DIER and other community representatives.
Breatho! Stay Below .05
Breatho! Stay below .05 is a road safety initiative that encourages patrons attending community festivals or events to check their blood alcohol intake prior to driving home. It also provides advice as relate to drinking and driving.

The program has been running thanks to the supports of volunteers at the Launceston Cup in 2008/2009 and at Festivale from 2009 onwards as well as on the Day on the Green in 2010, 2012 and 2013. This program now runs statewide.

In order to allow even more people to benefit from this great service, Breatho! Stay below .05 is ready to be taken to local events of your choice.

Events can be as small as your club's regular meetings that may finish with drinks at the pub, your clubs' regular footy match practice when it includes 'after match' drinks or your company's annual dinner.

Get behind this local initiative and promote your organisations as one that cares for Road Safety.
Breatho! brochure (PDF 1.8MB)
Breatho! Program Conditions of Use (PDF 51.4KB)