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Woodheater Replacement Program

The Launceston Woodheater Replacement Program is a follow-on from the successful Australian Government sponsored woodheater replacement program. The objective of the program is to encourage the replacement of older, polluting woodheaters with new heaters that contribute to improved air quality in Launceston.

The Woodheater Replacement Program offers householders a $500 grant to replace their old woodheater with a cleaner form of heating. Since the program first began in 2001 more than 2000 grants have been provided for the removal of woodheaters from homes in Launceston.
Due to public awareness created by this initiative, thousands more householders have removed their woodheaters of their own accord, without accessing the $500 grant.
Replacing woodheaters with a cleaner form of heating has helped to dramatically improve Launceston's air quality. In 2000 Launceston exceeded the national standard for air quality 38 times. However, by 2006 the number had steadily dropped to six.
The potential benefits also extend to householders' cost of living and health.
Cost comparisons by Aurora Energy show that, on average per week, it is cheaper to heat your home with a heat pump, fixed fan heater or a natural gas heater than it is to use a woodheater.
According to the Australian Lung Foundation, wood smoke is harmful to lungs and mainly affects young children and senior citizens. It can also cause breathing difficulties for people who have asthma and/or bronchitis.  Wood smoke contains minute particles which penetrate deep into the lungs and cause irritation of the air passages and air sacs, resulting in coughing, wheezing and breathlessness. Reducing the amount of wood smoke particulates in the atmosphere would therefore reduce that health hazard.
Applications must be lodged and approved by Launceston City Council before the new system is installed or the old system removed. There will be NO retrospective payments.

Woodheater Replacement Program Guidelines´╗┐
Woodheater Replacement Program Application Form´╗┐ 

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