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Parking in Launceston

The Launceston City Council manages a number of car parks throughout the city centre as well as metered spaces on the streets. Council officers patrol these areas regularly.

We also provide accessible parking for people with limited mobility and a range of parking permits to meet the various needs of visitors and the general community.

Parking meters
1 hour meters $2.50 per hour

3 hour meters $2.00 per hour
9 hour meters $0.70 per hour

Most meters have been updated to our new machines which have all the information for the user.
If a meter is reported faulty before an infringement is issued, the Council's Customer Service Centre or Parking Department will cover the vehicle for the time limit of the meter.
If you do receive an infringement within the timeframe and let the Council know, we will withdraw the infringement.

Accessible parking bays - Map
There are a number of accessible parking bays available with varying lengths of stay, within the Central Activities District in Launceston.  The bays and times are detailed in this map.

On-street parking at Launceston General Hospital
The area around the LGH has restricted parking so that people who have appointments at the LGH or residents of the area have somewhere to park.
These areas have a limit of 30 minutes and two hours so that there is a continual turnover to allow all people access, particularly to the LGH.
At the top end of St John St there is a residential area which allows the public to park for a limit of two hours and residents can park 24 hours a day as long as they have a residential permit displayed.
The Council will, however, withdraw an infringement if a person has a good reason for being parked longer than permitted.

Bike/motorcycle parking
There are bike racks in our Paterson St West Car Park near the ticket booth, the Inveresk Car Park near the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery and at the back of the Academy for Arts and Architectural area. There are also areas on the street for bike parking.

The Council is  responding to the community’s feedback. We are in the process of initiating projects identified in the Parking and Sustainable Transport Strategy.  One of the projects identified during the public consultation process was that there should be more designated parking for motorcycles/scooters. The motorcycle parking spaces that were introduced in October 2010 have been very well received.

So far, there have been 59 motorcycle spaces installed "on street". These spaces are in:
  • St John Street (between Cimitiere and Cameron Streets)
  • Charles Street (between York and Elizabeth Streets)
  • Paterson Street (between St John and George Streets)
  • Paterson Street (between Charles and Wellington Streets)
  • York Street (between Wellington and Bathurst Streets)
  • York Street (between Charles and Wellington Streets)
  • Brisbane Street (between George and Earl Street)
  • Cimitiere Street (between Tamar and George Streets)
  • St John St (Cimitere and William St)
  • St John St (William and Esplanade)
  • William St (St John and George St)
  • Paterson St (Charles and St John St)
  • Charles St (o/s LGH)
  • St John St (York and Elizabeth St)
  • George St (Cameron and Cimitere St)
  • Brisbane St (Earl and Tamar St)
  • Brisbane St ( Wellington St and Kingsway)

There are 16 dedicated motorcycle bays in the following off street car parks:

  • Paterson East
  • Paterson West
  • Cameron Street
  • Elizabeth Street
  • Windmill Hill Memorial Hall Car Park (Launceston Aquatic)

There are plans to introduce more off street motorcycle bays at the following car parks:

  • Bathurst Street
  • Inveresk
  • Seaport
  • Royal Park
  • Basin

The designated on street motorcycle parking spaces are free. Some spaces will have time restrictions and others will not.  It is recommended motorcycle/scooter riders check the signage when parking as all motorists should do.

The cost to park motorcycles in the Paterson East, West and Elizabeth Street car parks is $2.00 per entry. The reason for this charge is the spaces are in secure areas and under cover.

These infringements must be paid on time or they will incur extra charges.

Parking fines
Infringements may be paid at the Customer Service Centre at the Town Hall, or conveniently online on our website.

They can also be paid at any Australia Post Office, by phoning 13 18 16, or online at the
Postbillpay website. Payment at Australia Post or Post Billpay must be made within 38 days of issue or this service will not be available. You will need to quote the Billpay Code and reference number printed in the box on the front of the ticket.

Unpaid infringement notices issued by the Council are enforced by the Monetary Penalty Enforcement Service under the Monetary Penalties Enforcement Act 2005.  For more information, read the Infringement Notice Information.

Notice of Election for a Court Hearing (PDF 250KB)
Application to Enter into a Payment Arrangement Form (PDF 109KB)
Application to Withdraw Infringement Notice (PDF 80KB)
Statutory Declaration (PDF 102KB)

Parking infringements can be issued under the Traffic (Road Rules) Regulations 1999, the Local Government (Highways) Act 1982 or Council By-Law No 24/2003.