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Industrial land

Connector Park Launceston
A large industrial area (totalling about 40ha) primarily used by distribution, warehousing and wholesaling enterprises. This light industrial estate situated at the confluence of the states two major arterial highways - the Bass Highway and Midland Highway Connector on the southern fringe of urban Launceston - provides unequalled access to the ports and north-west region including Devonport and Burnie and a link to Hobart and the south. Designed as the state's business hub and major distribution centre, the Connector Park estate has been planned to accommodate heavy transport vehicles and can accommodate large to medium sized warehousing, distribution and similar industrial operations. 

Contact Details
Connector Park Pty Ltd
Real Estate Development Kings Meadows, Tas
Phone: 03 6343 5969

Launceston Technopark
This site is owned and managed by the Tasmanian Government's Department of Economic Development and Tourism. It is an investment-ready site also serviced with optic fibre and is occupied by a number of Contact Centres including Westpac (two centres and 550 employees) and Centrelink (125 employees). Childcare is provided on site by ABC Learning Centres Pty Ltd. Technopark is relatively flat with a gradual southerly slope, in a rural, bushy setting. All of the sites have onsite parking and loading facilities with wide roads for easy manoeuvrability of vehicles. Furthermore, much of the land remains undeveloped, though some of this area is reserved for the future expansion of the existing businesses.  The site would be ideal for research-based industries.
Contact Details
Department of Economic Development and Tourism
Level 1 Cornwell Square
12-16 St John Street
Launceston, TAS

White City 
A new business and light industrial area close to the Northern Outlet for quick and easy access to the Launceston CBD and the state highway system. The land design includes extra wide road frontage, all underground services (gas, power, sewerage, broadband, water), heavy vehicle road construction, B-Double truck capacity and level construction sites. The zoning suits business, showroom, workshop, warehousing and similar light industrial uses.

A developing light industrial area on the edge of Waverley, where good design meets practical business use. Many local and national companies have established a presence at Swanton Park. Land is available for purchase, and land and building options of rent/purchase are also offered.

Hobart Road
A new industrial area fronting the busy Hobart Road, on the south side of the city. This area is unique in that planning processes have been shortened by the issuing of global type permits to cover a range of uses/developments. This is designed to speed up the time from signing contracts to commencing building.