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A climate for business

Launceston is a fantastic location for business and investment. We offer:
  • Excellent transport infrastructure and close proximity to main freight distribution centres;
  • Relatively inexpensive business operating costs including lower wages;
  • Highly productive and loyal workers (with the lowest level of lost time due to industrial action);
  • Well-advanced ICT infrastructure and a well-resourced and innovative ICT sector undertaking research and development;
  • An enviable lifestyle (based around a comfortable climate similar to the south of France, a vibrant events calendar and excellent local food and wine);
  • Close proximity to Melbourne (one hour direct flight) and Sydney (less than two hours direct flight); and less than three hours drive to all parts of the state;
  • Strong collaboration between government and industry; and
  • A learning culture with high quality education institutions.
With a population of around 65,000 (100,000 for greater Launceston), the city has all the facilities of a metropolitan city without the crowds, queues or traffic.
Many people live close enough to the centre of the city to be able to walk or cycle to work. And it's also in the safest region in the safest state in Australia.
People are friendly and relaxed, but they also know how to make things happen. The city's story is one of innovation and enterprise evidenced in a long list of Launceston 'firsts'. It is also the story of people who value their environment, both built and natural.
Launceston is renowned for its heritage streetscapes - boasting the greatest collection of intact nineteenth century buildings in Australia. These beautiful Georgian and Victorian buildings are kept alive with business and social activity from fashion houses and restaurants to banking institutions and high-tech work environments. 
The Council and business community have worked together to protect and enhance the city's central retail area by encouraging large format retail on the city fringe, making it accessible to all, and by protecting and promoting heritage assets. The city also provides excellent facilities for larger industries, with a number of modern industrial parks within easy reach.

The Economic Development Committee
The role of the Launceston City Council Economic Development Committee is to facilitate significant development opportunities and to foster economic development activity for the city.  The Committee is made up of four Aldermen, the General Manager and six external representatives selected by the Committee, including one prominent business person.
Economic Development Policy  
Do you want help to plan your investment?
If you are considering investing in the Launceston municipality, the Launceston City Council can help with a range of advice and can arrange pre-lodgement meetings so you can get a clear picture of the needs to secure any permits from the Council.
For more information or to arrange an appointment please call the Council's Customer Service Centre on 03 6323 3000.

Who Else Can I Talk To?

Launceston is on the globe
Doing business in Launceston is globally competitive, it delivers on a lifestyle promise and provides access to some of the best quality ingredients in the world.

Tasmanian brewery, J.Boag & Son and Autech, a software development specialist, two different businesses from different sectors have discovered one of Launceston's secret success factors is it's people.
The Case Studies below explain why two global businesses have chosen to do business in Launceston.

Case Study - Autech
Case Study - J.Boag & Son