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Northern Tasmania Development (NTD)

Northern Tasmania Development (NTD) is the northern regional body established by the eight Councils that make up the Northern Tasmanian region. These Councils are Break O‘Day, Dorset, Flinders, George Town, Launceston City, Meander Valley, Northern Midlands and West Tamar.

Their role is to facilitate and coordinate the economic and social development of Northern Tasmania, which encompasses:

  • taking forward the collective interests of Councils in the region and influencing senior decision-makers within government and agencies
  • sharing information and ensuring good communication flows within the region
  • facilitating regional economic development and cooperation of mutual benefit to councils, communities and businesses in the region
  • building effective partnerships with State and Commonwealth agencies which make decisions that affect our region
  • developing resource sharing and other cooperative projects between councils.
For more information, visit the Northern Tasmania Development website.