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Council works in progress

The City of Launceston is responsible for the municipality's urban and rural road network. Wet weather and unforeseen circumstances can change the start date of work and alter the programmed duration. 

General maintenance work is being carried out thorughout the municipality. 


Connector Park (7 Connector Park Drive to Southgate Drive)
The next stage of the stormwater and kerb and channel upgrade is in progress. The work is expected to take until February 2015 to complete. There is a lowered speed limit in the works area and at times throughout the work, driveway access to properties will be delayed. There is no scheduled disruption to through traffic. 

Diddleum Road, Targa
Grading and gravelling the entire length of road.

Glenwood Road, Relbia (between Relbia Road the Milford lane)
Sections of the road have been widened, some trees removed to allow the road to be widened, other trees removed (on request) to improve sight distance from side roads, other old and damaged trees removed along with the old stumps and general debris.  To improve drainage in the area, sections of the drains on both sides of the road have been rock lined.  From Relbia Road for around 600 metres, the road has been asphalt sealed.  The remaining section - to Milford Lane - will be asphalt sealed early in the new year.

Golconda Road (Kempeners Road to Bacala Road)
This section of road is being upgraded. When completed, the road will be widened, the corner reshaped, culverts and safety barriers installed and the road will be two coat spray sealed.  Motorists are asked to drive with care and pay attention to all directional signage which includes speed limit changes.

Golconda Road (Hextalls Road to Shiptons Road)
This section of Golconda Road is being widened and sealed. When completed, the road will be a 6.8m sealed width with improvements to roadside drainage. Work is expected to take six weeks to complete. Traffic lights are operational during work hours; both traffic lanes re-open to traffic outside of these hours. Signage advises a lowered speed limit. Any further changes to traffic management will be advised by signage and stop/go personnel. 

Lilydale and Windermere areas - roadside slashing

North Lilydale Road
Near the junction with Golconda Road, the verge is being widened.

Midlands Highway road safety upgrades
Kings Meadows connector.  
A new roundable is being constructed at the bottom of the exit ramp from the Highway to the Connector.  Other works along the Highway include:
South of Tunbridge;  north of Spring Hill;  south of Spring Hill;  and south of Kempton  -  The Department of State Growth (previously known as DIER) began working in these areas 8 December 2014.  The work will continue for some months and will involve changes to traffic conditions.  Motorists should allow for this and adjust travelling times accordingly. Information and directional signage is erected and motorists are asked to obey them.  If you would like more information, please contact Department of State Growth, road projects enquiries on 1800 753 878.  Should your call go to voice mail, please leave a message with your name and contact details and your call will be returned.

Prossers Forest Road
Pot holes are being repaired along this road and when this work is finished, the road will be asphalt sealed.

Sawpit Road, Blessington
A new culvert is being installed across Sawpitt Road about 4 1/2 kms up from the Blessington Road turnoff.  The road remains open to traffic but motorists should drive carefully and observe all directional signage.

Seaport Boardwalk
The timber decking is being upgraded.  The work is currently removing the joists and timber decking, installing new joists and from Thursday 11 December, laying the new recycled plastic decking.  Work continues until Christmas and resumes around 12 January 2015.  Crews will be working on Sunday 14 December from 9.00am until approximately 5.00pm.  There is no scheduled disruption to any resident or business and the work is only to keep the project moving as quickly as possible.  If all goes well and the weather stays fine, there is a possibility that crews will be working next week-end as well.    All directional signage is in place for pedestrians to follow.