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Council works in progress

The City of Launceston is responsible for the municipality's urban and rural road network. Wet weather and unforeseen circumstances can change the start date of work and alter the programmed duration. 

General maintenance work is being carried out thorughout the municipality. 


Hill Street, West Launceston

A new stormwater pipe is being installed under the kerb on the western side of the road.  The box drains and kerb and channel are being upgraded.   As the box drains are listed as having high heritage significance, the bluestone will be re-used when constructing the new kerb and channel.  The work will take some weeks to complete. 

Seaport Boardwalk
The timber decking is being upgraded.    


High Street @ the corner of Wentworth Street
The retaining wall on the eastern side of the road (Wentworth Street side) will soon be upgraded.  Scheduled for Monday 1 June the work is expected to take four weeks to complete.  It includes removing the exisiting retaining wall, lifting the footpath and constructing a new kerb and channel.    There are no plans to disrupt traffic travelling along High Street and/or Wentworth Street.   However, pedestrians will be disrupted and will need to follow all directional signs.

Wood Street, Mowbray (between Vermont Road and Clark Street)
The kerb and channel, and driveways on the eastern side of Wood Street are scheduled to be upgraded.  At the same time, the safety bar island at the roundabout in Vermont Road will be removed and replaced with a kerb block splitter island/pedestrian refuge.    


Gascoyne Street, Kings Meadows - will be closed to through traffic on Wednesday 10 June 2015 between the hours of 9.00am and 4.30pm.  The closure is ONE DAY only.  The reason:  crews will be doing maintenance work in the central median and this work includes removing some trees.  Local residents will have access to their properties but won't be able to drive through the road closure.

Windermere Road, Windermere - will be closed to through traffic on Friday 12 June 2015 between the hours of 9.00am and 3.30pm.  The closure is for ONE DAY only.  The reason:  crews will be doing drainage works outside No. 217 Windermere Road.  Residents living up to No. 217 will continue to have access to their properties while those living beyond No. 217 will need to detour.  

As with both of these projects, changes in weather conditions will alter our programming.