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Council works in progress

The Launceston City Council is responsible for the municipality's urban and rural road network. Wet weather and unforeseen circumstances can change the start date of work and alter the programmed duration. 

Footpaths during July 2014
Efingham Street, South Launceston (Lawrence Vale Road to Crop Street)
Strahan Road, Newstead (Wentworth Street to Robin Street)

Burns Creek Road, Blessington
Ben Lomand Road, Upper Blessington
Camden Road (Blessington Road to Ben Nevis Road)
Mussellboro Road, Blessington
Roses Tier Road, Upper Blessington
Sawpitt Hills Road, Blessington

While these roads are being graded and gravelled, traffic management will be by signage and stop/go personnel.  There are no plans to close these roads.

Glenwood Road, Relbia (Milford Lane to Relbia Road)
Sections of this road have been widened to meet the Launceston City Council Standards Code S4 for rural roads. They will be asphlat sealed when the weather warms up, approximately October 2014.

Golconda Road (Kempeners Road and Bacala Road)
This section of road is being upgraded.  Motorists are asked to drive with care and pay attention to all directional signage which includes speed limit changes.

McGowans Creek Bridge, Second River Road close to the Golconda Road intersection
This bridge is scheduled to be upgraded from Monday 7 July 2014.  During this period of time it will be closed to all traffic.  Signage is erected advising of the closure duration.

METRO bus stop along Elphin Road and Penquite Road  
Some METRO bus stops are being upgraded. Where required, the footpath surrounding the bus stops will be upgraded at the same time.

St Leonards Road, St Leonards
As part of the Street Tree Strategy, trees will be planted along the eastern side of St Leonards Road between Nos. 45 and 163.  

Wellington Street, Cridge Street to Vernon Street
The eastern side of this section of Wellington Street is being upgraded. The work includes replacing the kerb and channel on the eastern side of the road, raising the new kerb and channel levels, raising the footpath levels, asphalt sealing the footpath and rebuilding some driveways and front fences to suit the new levels. The expected duration of work is six to eight weeks. There is no scheduled major disruption to through traffic.   

North Street, South Launceston (between West Street and Galvin Street)
Kerb and channel upgrade.

Launceston Post Office Clock Tower - maintenance works

St John Street - one way southbound between Cimitiere Street and Paterson Street.
Cameron Street - no entry from St John Street.