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Launceston Youth Advisory Group

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it<!-- document.write( '</' ); document.write( 'span>' );// -The Launceston Youth Advisory Group (YAG) has worked to promote the contributions that young people make to their municipality and the broader community since its inception in 1997.

YAG is made up of young people aged 12-25 years and its primary role is to act as a consultative and communicative link between Launceston City Council and young people. YAG also plays a vital role in informing and advising the broader community about matters that affect them.

The formation of the Youth Advisory Group was among the recommendations made in the Youth Spaces Report. Its aim was to provide a representative group of young people who could offer advice and opinion to Council and other agencies on local developments and issues and provide an avenue for young people to raise issues or make comments on matters which they felt were important.

The objectives of the Launceston Youth Advisory Group are:

  • To create a consultative link between young people and the Launceston City Council by providing a mechanism for feedback and promoting communication;
  • To voice the opinions and views of youth in the community;
  • To create an active interest amongst young people in the local affairs of the municipality;
  • To create and foster a sense of civic pride among the youth of the municipality;
  • To provide young people with the opportunity to participate in and achieve an understanding of the operations of Local Government;
  • To action, where appropriate, issues of importance and priority to young people;
  • To ensure that young people are involved in their community's economic and social development; and
  • To positively promote youth within the municipality, especially in regards to the potential value which the community can gain from youth input.

Membership is open to youth between the ages of 12 and 25 who live in Launceston. To join, please call Council's Youth and Community Officer on 03 6323 3327.

Meetings are held every second Tuesday afternoon from 4.00pm - 5.00pm in the Town Hall Committee Room, Town Hall. Transport to and from the meetings can be arranged.

Contact details
Launceston Youth Advisory Group
Launceston City Council
PO Box 396

T 03 6323 3327
F 03 6323 3385

For more information please call the Council's Youth and Community Officer on 03 6323 3327 or send an email.