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Design Centre Tasmania

The Tasmanian Wood Design Collection is housed in the Price Hall section of the Design Centre and is Australia's only museum collection of contemporary wood design. The Design Centre runs exhibitions and tours of crafts, design and art, both nationally and internationally.

The Tasmanian Wood Design Collection was established in 1991 as a not-for-profit organisation administered by a voluntary Board of Directors.
Its aims are to sustain the wood design industry in Tasmania, to further the cause of Tasmanian identity, to create an identity for Tasmania as a place of excellence in the world and to inspire the world community with the potency of design.
Acquisitions for the Collection must meet strict criteria, including the use of wood as an important feature of the piece, quality, innovation in design and the identification of the designer as Tasmanian or a resident of Tasmania. Every two years a Grand Biennial Exhibition is held, at which an independent panel of judges awards prizes in several categories. Some pieces are then selected for the Collection.
To find out more about the Tasmanian Wood Design Collection, visit the Design Centre's website.