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Kerbside Waste and Recycling Service

The Launceston City Council aims to provide efficient, reliable and sustainable waste and recycling services to meet the needs of the community.

There is one landfill site and three waste transfer stations within the Launceston municipality. They are situated at Remount Road, Launceston; Second River Road, Lilydale and Binghams Road, Nunamara.  For more information on the Launceston Waste Centres and Transfer Stations including the Regional Waste Levy please click here.


Wheelie bins
The Council provides burgundy coloured wheelie bins for garbage collection to all homes in the collection area. These bins are an example of a product that uses recycled plastic. Wheelie Bins must be placed out on the curb before 6.00am and be spaced 1m away from other wheelie bins.

Would you like to change the size of your bin?
There are three sizes - 85 litres ($111.00 per annum), the standard 140 litre ($141.00 per annum) and the 240 litres ($233.00 per annum). The cost of the bin is covered in your rates. If you decide to change the size of your bin you will be charged a $34.00 administration fee. If you would like to change the size of your bin, complete the request to change wheelie bin size form (PDF 105KB) and return it to the Council's Customer Service Centre along with the payment.
Would you like to change the number of wheelie bins at your property?
Complete the request to change quantity of wheelie bins form (PDF 130KB) and return it to the Council's Customer Service Centre.
Have you constructed a new premises which requires a wheelie bin? 
Complete the application for a new kerbside waste collection service form (PDF 105KB) and return it to the Council's Customer Service Centre. 

Has your wheelie bin been stolen?
Complete the request to replace stolen wheelie bin form (PDF 102KB) and return it to the Council's Customer Service Centre. Alternatively, call the Council's Customer Service Centre on 03 6323 3000.

Are you are having difficulties handling your bin?
If you are having difficulties handling your wheelie bin, call the Council's Customer Service Centre on 03 6323 3000 to apply for assistance.

Waste collection service for eligible people with disabilities
Launceston City Council provides a waste collection service for eligible people with disabilities.  If your residence is 20 metres or less from the road and you don't have someone living with you who is capable of putting your wheelie bin out, you may be eligible for this service.

View the Waste Collection Services for People with Disabilities Application Form (PDF 72KB)

What can be put in the wheelie bin?
Normal household waste and any solid non-toxic waste.  Small amounts of garden waste can also be put in the wheelie bin as long as they are secured in a garbage bag. All items must fit loosely in the bin so they fall out easily when the bin is tipped up to empty.


What can't be placed in the wheelie bin?
Hot ashes; oil, paint, chemicals, solvents or other liquids, heavy builder's rubble, car parts, large timber, metal pieces, concrete or bricks.
What can be placed in the recyclables wheelie bin (burgandy bin with a yellow lid)?
Information about recycling and what can be placed the recyclables wheelie bin is available here.

The colour
A choice of colour was available for wheelie bins at no additional cost to the Council or ratepayers. We chose a colour other than the standard green or grey because:
  • Burgundy bins make the Launceston City Council unique Australia-wide as no other Council has adopted this colour. Burgundy also enables the colour to be identified with colours consistent with the Council's regularly used corporate colours.
  • Burgundy easily identifies Launceston City Council bins for our contractor on collection day with less risk of missed collections. It ensures that our contractor only collects those bins that should be collected (as opposed to bins on the border of adjoining municipalities or privately owned bins put out for collection).
  • Burgundy is safer for both motorists and pedestrians because of its visibility.
  • Burgundy assists to identify misappropriated or misused bins in or around people's homes and aids the recovery of lost or stolen bins that appear in various places or in other municipalities. This will help to minimise the number of unnecessary replacements and to keep cost escalation and waste management charge increases to a minimum.
  • The burgundy bin with the yellow lid is your recycling wheelie bin.

Launceston Central Area Kerbside Collection Service
Prepaid bags are available either individually (for $2.40) or in bundles of 10 (for $24.00) from the Council's Customer Service Centre.

Sharps disposal
The community sharps bins are located at:

  • Kings Meadows Capital Chemist, 86 Hobart Road, Kings Meadows
  • Mowbray Capital Chemist, 4/282 Invermay Road, Mowbray Newstead
  • Capital Chemist, 167 Elphin Road, Newstead
  • Summerhill Amcal Pharmacy, 176 Peel Street, Summerhill
  • Youngtown Pharmacy, 369 Hobart Road, Youngtown
  • The Council's Customer Service Centre, Town Hall, St John Street, Launceston

All sharps must be in an approved biohazard container that:

  • Has rigid walls
  • Is resistant to punctures
  • Is capable of being sealed in such a way that its contents are not capable of causing injury.

Please note: Any business wishing to dispose of sharps should contact a licensed controlled waste operative as this service is provided for individuals only.