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Waste Recovery Opportunities Workshop

The Launceston City Council has commissioned consultants, Blue Environment to investigate how ninety percent of waste currently going to landfill can be diverted for reuse and recycling.

A community workshop was held on Thursday 23 February 2012 to consider preliminary options identified by Blue Environment, identify options which may need further investigation and to consider the economical, social and environmental implications. An audio recording of the presentation is available.

Presentation - part one (MP3 19MB)

Presentation - part two (MP3 12MB)


Managing Resources for the Future - Information leaflet and questions´╗┐ (PDF 347KB)

In May 2011 the Launceston City Council advertised a tender for 'consultancy services to determine resources recovery opportunities at the Launceston Waste Centre'.

The advertisement stated that consultants would be requested to review existing studies already conducted for the Launceston Waste Centre. The 'scope of the services' comprised the following:

Identify reuse, recycling or waste minimisation options that are best practice in an Australian context to assist Council in achieving 90% diversion of waste from landfill with consideration given to:Maximising local job creation;Maximising local business / industry growth and development; andMaximising environmental gains.

For each option identified, discuss infrastructure and operational requirements together with income and expenditure, risks associated with the technology / process and resources required.Consider likely carbon tax costs, saving in landfill airspace and energy savings (on the basis that recycled materials replaces the use of virgin materials) for each option identified. Undertake a benefit cost analysis based on the financial, social and environmental requirements for each option identified. This study will be used to assist with the development of Council's waste management strategy.Consult with local industry, businesses and individuals associate with all aspects of waste management including salvage, resource recovery and recycling.

The Tender was won by Blue Environment Pty Ltd, a Victorian based organisation.

The first workshop was held on Thursday 17 November 2011 at the Town Hall, St John Street, Launceston. It was facilitated by Blue Environment and all business/industry representatives were invited to attend via an advertisement in the Launceston Examiner. The advertisement stated 'in particular waste management operations, generators of commercial and industrial waste such as retailers and construction companies and not for profit organisations. This Workshop on Thursday 23 February 2012 is for the broader community.