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Fairtrade Town

Launceston has become the first city in Tasmania to be awarded Fairtrade Town status.

The Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand (FTAANZ) recently announced that the Launceston's application for  status as a Fairtrade Town was successful based on use of Fairtrade labelled products within the Launceston City Council as well as the wider promotion of the fair trade movement within the community.

A steering committee including representatives from the Launceston City Council, community groups and the general public was formed to drive Launceston's application.

There are now 20 local businesses in Launceston which stock and serve Fairtrade certified and labelled products, including items like coffee, tea, chocolate cocoa, nuts and rice.

According to FTAANZ fairtrade is a global movement with a people first approach to trade.

As part of this, the Fairtrade Certification system offers farmers and workers in developing countries a better deal and offers Australian consumers a powerful way to reduce poverty and instigate change through their everyday shopping by choosing products carrying the FAIRTRADE Label.

In 2010 sales of Fairtrade labelled products in Australia and New Zealand rose to nearly $150 million, jumping almost 200 percent from 2009.

This is a wonderful achievement for the city and will encourage people to think more about their day to day purchases. Launceston now joins over 1000 other towns and cities around the world that have officially been accredited as Fairtrade towns.