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Burn Brighter this Winter

Burn Brighter this WinterThe Burn Brighter this Winter project is the first phase of an expected future Statewide program.

The Program is focused on ways to improve domestic woodheater use in specific areas. Persistent poor air quality in your local community is not something that has to be tolerated.

Areas in South and East Launceston have been chosen for the trial community engagement project. These areas have been selected as suitable locations to assess the effectiveness of the program. Each household in the focus area will receive information about effective woodheater operation and the potential health effects of wood smoke.

Officers from both the EPA Division and the Launceston City Council will also visit the areas to monitor air quality, identify smoky chimneys and follow up with education and useful tips.

Smoke from a poorly operated woodheater can be reduced by as much as 80 percent by following a few simple steps. When particular care is taken, most woodheaters can be operated so that they produce only modest smoke emissions and modern heaters can be operated so that no visible smoke is emitted at all.