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Hard Waste Collection Service

Hard Waste collection service

The City of Launceston offers residents in the Launceston municipality the opportunity to dispose of unwanted hard waste items each year. The Hard Waste Collection Service is an opportunity for residents to dispose of items that cannot be placed in the regular kerbside collection.

2016 Hard Waste Collections are now complete.

Key dates for the 2017 Hard Waste service are:

  1 February - registrations open
28 February - registrations close
14 March     - collections commence

Register to be notified when registrations open 
If you would like to receive a reminder when registrations open, please complete the online formAs notifications will be done by email, please ensure you include a current email address.

Residents are reminded that registration is subject to the following terms and conditions:

Conditions of registration

Participation in the Hard Waste Collection Service is subject to the following terms and conditions.  Items which fail to meet these conditions will not be collected. 

  • Only registered items will be collected
  • Items must be placed out no earlier than the day before collection day and no later than 6am on the morning of the collection day

  • Items will be collected on your normal waste collection day NOT on your recycling day

  • Items not placed out for the scheduled collection day will not be collected

  • Items will not be collected from within property boundaries or inside fences, porches, or any location other than the nature strip or footpath immediately adjacent to the property

  • Items will be collected on your scheduled collection day even if it is raining

  • Maximum weights for each item apply - two people must be able to safely lift each item

  • Maximum lengths apply - items must not exceed 1.5m in length

  • The total volume of items must not exceed two cubic metres per property – this is approximately the space of an average dining table

  • Any items registered for collection that have a door, e.g. cupboards, fridges and washing machines, must have the doors removed and placed neatly beside the item

  • No hazardous or prohibited items may be left out for collection. Items that will not be collected include:

    • asbestos

    • tyres and engine blocks

    • green waste (including tree branches, tree stumps and lawn clippings)

    • liquids (including paint, chemicals and oils)

    • broken glass

    • gas cylinders

    • loose rubble (including bricks)

    • batteries

    • mattresses

    • food or items that will decay

NOTE - each item must be individually listed and described

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 03 6323 3000 Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm.