Current Works


Works schedule may change due to weather conditions.

General maintenance work is being carried out throughout the municipality. 

Residents who park on the above streets overnight are requested to remove their vehicles by 7am to allow access to heavy machinery.  Resident access will be maintained during work periods.

Closures and detours 

Cimitiere Street - partial lane closure until mid October. One east-bound lane will be closed on Cimitiere Street, between Bathurst and Charles Streets to allow safe access of heavy vehicles into the CH Smith construction site.  

Opossum Road between Glenwood Road and Poplar Parade is currently closed for bridge construction works.  

Tasman Highway between Anson Street and St Leonards Road - change to traffic flow in both directions with one lane open heading east from September 26 to 28 for nature strip works. Completion of works is subject to weather conditions.

Trevallyn Nature Recreation Area - Fire trail and track closures
The Parks and Wildlife Service have completed some fire trail works within the Trevallyn Reserve. The fire trail conditions have changed and walkers and bike riders need to be aware that the fire trails will take some months to settle. The trails will have some loose soil and rock and sections of fresh gravel. There are now drainage grips located along the fire trails to shed water off the trails. Care needs to be taken when using the fire trails. Any issues please contact the PWS Tamar field centre on 63316739.

Woods Reserve West Launceston. Trees assessed as hazardous are currently being removed and debris will be burnt on site. The trees are located in a fuel modified buffer zone. 

Hi-grip treatment

Howick Street and High Street intersection - postponed until more favourable weather conditions later in the year.



Amy Road pedestrian refuge and kerb channel upgrade. Upgrade of the kerb and channel on the northern side of Any Road between Abbott and Arundel Streets  have commenced and will take approximately 6 weeks.  During this time a pedestrian refuge traffic island will also be constructed outside numbers 40 and 39 Amy Road, providing a safer crossing for pedestrians, in particular, school children, that use this section of road.

Civic Square redevelopment commences Monday July 10 until early 2018. Surrounding service centres and businesses will operate as normal but there will be changes to pedestrian access. Directional signage will be in place for pedestrians.

David Street and Ramsay Street
- Council advises that kerb and channel outstands are being constructed at the intersection of David Street and Ramsay Street, and are due for completion on the 8 September

Lilydale Memorial Hall - reconstruction of the hall toilets are due for completion by the end of August 2017.

Opossum Road Bridge (Glenwood Road to Poplar Parade) replacement of bridge deck is underway and a detour is in place until mid to late September 2017.

Seaport Boardwalk Extension (Park Street to Home Point) - continuation of the decking replacement along the Seaport Boardwalk is underway.  As well as new decking, the work includes new handrails and in some areas, new supporting steel work structure. When the work is in progress, pedestrian access will be maintained as there is an asphalt footpath running alongside the existing timber decking. Work is expected to be completed early September 2017. 

St Leonards Road/Board Mill Drive intersection - an upgrade of the intersection has been undertaken. Line marking is required, and will be completed by 8 September.  

Waverley Road Retaining Wall - 
A retaining wall will be constructed by Crossroads Civil Contracting at the front of property numbers 41A and 43 Waverley Road, commencing Tuesday 26 September 2017, continuing for a period of 2 weeks.   

Flood repair work 

Upper Blessington Road drain repairs due for completion mid-September.

Changes to speed and width restrictions apply to sites until all repair work is completed.

Upcoming works

Abbott and Arthur Street Intersection - Council proposes to construct a peanut-roundabout on the above intersection aimed at improving driver safety and traffic flow for Arthur Street commuters. This project, if approved, is scheduled to begin in the 2017/2018 financial year. Comments regarding this project can be emailed to the Community Engagement Officer Eve Gibbons.

Abels Hill Road - line-marking fronting the properties from numbers 88 to 105 will take place during the 2017/2018 financial year.

Carnarvon Street - road repair works will commence in the next two months which forms part of this year's works programme. 

Cimitiere Street (between Lawrence and Tamar Streets) - road reconstruction of Cimitiere St is planned for March 2018. 

Chifley Street and Shirley Place intersection - modifications to the roundabout on the corner of Chifley Street and Shirley Place will commence at the end September 2017.

Elphin Road/Lyttleton Street and Dowling Street - works will be undertaken to improve the junctions of Lyttleton Street and Dowling Street on Elphin Road. This work includes the installation of traffic islands and new line marking. Works will be completed during the 2017/2018 financial year as part of the Australian Government Black Spot funding program.

Galvin Street - construction of new standard concrete kerbs and channels replacing existing arch crossings on the right side of Galvin Street from 1-39.  Project is scheduled to begin in the 2017/2018 financial year. 

High Street, York Street and Clarence Streets - works to realign approaches to traffic signals, which includes the removal of existing line marking and the installation of new lines. The works will be completed during the 2017/2018 financial year as part of the Australian Government Black Spot funding program.

Lyttleton Street - an upgrade of existing gully pits, access ramps, footpath is proposed for the intersection of Lyttleton Street and Elphin Road. This project, is scheduled to begin in the 2017/2018 financial year.

Olive Street - Council will begin construction on a dedicated school crossing in the front of Launceston Preparatory School during the upcoming school holidays.  This project will provide a safer crossing for school children attending the school. 

Pecks Hill Road - Bridge Replacement (Nunamara) -
the replacement of timber bridge deck, with pre-cast concrete including new bridge abutments, will be completed during the 2017/2018 financial year. 

Peel Street West (between Stanley Street to Havelock Street) - new line marking will take place along Peel Street between Stanely and Havelock Streets, with new centre and edge lines to be installed. Works will be completed during the 2017/2018 financial year.

Langs Road Bridge - replace existing timber bridge with a new concrete bridge deck.  Due to commence September 2017.

Westbury Road (between numbers 84 - 108) - replace existing timber retaining wall supporting the road/footpath with new steel piles and concrete panel wall.  Commencement date to be advised.


The City of Launceston's Road Services maintains a comprehensive road network around the municipality.  

This can involve minor and major works at all times of the year, which we'll notify you of.

Please note that wet weather and unforeseen circumstances can change the start date of work and alter the programmed duration. 

If you have any questions about our works program, please contact us