Cataract Gorge Play Space Redevelopment

  • Project typeParks
  • Contractor nameThe Baker Group
Cataract Gorge Playspace Concept Map

The City of Launceston has started work on a redevelopment of the Cataract Gorge play space.

After community consultation earlier this year, the area will be redeveloped into a vibrant, nature-based play zone featuring a tunnel slide, a mouse-wheel treadmill, a sandpit, an accessible swing set, and a water play zone.

All businesses, amenities, walking trails and services will remain open throughout construction.

The overflow car park to the left will be closed and public are advised to use the main car park to the right.

Works will continue through until early 2019.

For more information on the redevelopment , please click on the video links and concept plan attached.


Cataract gorge, West Launceston 7250  View Map

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