Building Surveying Services

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Prior to obtaining your Permit you may need a Building Surveyor to assess your plans to ensure they meet the requirements of the Building Act 2000  and Australian Standards and to issue a Certificate of Likely Compliance for submission to the Permit Authority.

City of Launceston Building Surveying Services

An independent Building Surveying Service operates within the City of Launceston.

We offer a prompt certification service of your submitted plans for the issue of a Certificate of Likely Compliance, and keep our clients updated with progress through the various stages of the process.

The City of Launceston Building Surveying Services conducts all mandatory inspections as works progress through the stages of construction.

What we do:

  • Certification of building plans
  • Occupancy Inspections
  • Essential Health & Safety Features and Measures Reports
  • Building Code Assessment Reports
  • Access consulting and reports
  • Strata Reports for new and old buildings
  • Independent advice

Apply for A Building Surveyor Assessment by completing this form(PDF, 145KB) and return to  

The application form is also available from Council's Customer Service Centre.

An application must be accompanied by copies of your construction plans, including site and drainage plans and all associated forms from your designer and/or engineer.

Applicants are also required to supply either a TasWater exemption or a TasWater Certificate of Certifiable Works. A copy of title is also required. Refer to the application forms for further details.

Application Document Checklist

1. Application Form(PDF, 145KB)

2. Certificate of Title

3. Plans drawn by a Tasmanian Accredited Designer/Architect

4. Engineering Plans by a Tasmanian Accredited Practitioner

5. Energy and Bushfire assessments (if needed)

6. Taswater Exemption signed forms.

All Plans submitted must be in accordance with the Directors Specified List and all associated certificates from construction must be with the submitted plans for assessment.

Contact us

The City of Launceston Building Surveying Department

Telephone 03 6323 3369