Heritage Developments


image of the hydro house at sunset  

Launceston is Australia's third oldest city and has some of the country's best-preserved architectural heritage.

In order to continue the conservation of this priceless asset, buildings and sites are protected by legislation at both state and local level. As an owner of a heritage site, you have a responsibility to adhere to regulations under the Historic Cultural Heritage Act 1995 if amending or developing any aspect of it.

The Launceston Interim Planning Scheme's Local Historic Cultural Heritage Code includes a list of places of importance to Launceston and its residents. The code and associated maps can be accessed online via iPlan.  

View all fees associated with heritage developments and associated issues here.


Heritage Register

The Tasmanian Heritage Register is a list of places in Tasmania recognised as having historic cultural significance. These places are important because of their contribution to our culture and society.

Be sure to check if your property is registered when considering any development including:

  • construction
  • demolition
  • renovation
  • maintenance
  • removal of vegetation

The register is maintained by the 
Tasmanian Heritage Council under the Historic Cultural Heritage Act 1995. 

Heritage Management

Proposals for heritage listed properties are dealt with as part of the City of Launceston's planning process. 

Works requiring approval are dealt with as a single Development Application, which will be referred to the Tasmanian Heritage Council for their assessment.

Before lodging a Development Application with Council, it is highly recommended that owners of properties which may be listed on the Tasmanian Heritage Register contact Heritage Tasmania by phoning 1300 850 332 or emailing enquiries@heritage.tas.gov.au to:

  1. Confirm if your property is listed on the Register;
  2. Seek advice in regard to the significance of the property and the works to be carried out; and
  3. Confirm if the proposed works qualify for an exemption from the need for referral to the Tasmanian Heritage Council and if so, request a 'Certificate of Exemption'.

Information for owners

Information for heritage property owners is available from this fact sheet or at the planning counter at Council's Customer Service Centre.

Please contact our Heritage Planner Fiona Ranson for more information:

Phone: (03) 6323 3370

Heritage Awards

The annual awards recognise projects that have improved heritage places whilst maintaining their heritage value, or have otherwise promoted heritage issues around Launceston. 

This year the awards will again include works to gardens and landscapes which are integral to significant heritage places, and Heritage Snap!, a photography award for students, intended to encourage younger residents who take an interest in our heritage. 

Visit our Awards page for entry details.