Tasmanian Planning Scheme

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What is the Tasmanian Planning Scheme?

The Tasmanian Planning Scheme (TPS) will apply to all land in Tasmania and will replace the current planning schemes that operate for each council area. The TPS is made up of the State Planning Provisions (SPPs) and a Local Provisions Schedule (LPS). When each council finalises their LPS and it is approved by the Minister for Planning, the Tasmanian Planning Scheme takes effect in that council area.

The Local Provisions Schedule, once approved, will indicate how the State Planning Provisions will apply in the City of Launceston as described below.  This will replace the current Launceston Interim Planning Scheme 2015


The Tasmanian Planning Scheme is divided into two parts:

  • State Planning Provisions (SPPs) – a set of consistent statewide development controls for 23 Zones and 16 Codes that will operate across the State. The SPPs have been approved by the Minister for Planning and will come into force once the Launceston Local Provisions Schedule is approved.
  • Local Provisions Schedules (LPS) – apply at the local council level and consist of the Zone maps, Code overlays, Particular Purpose Zones, Specific Area Plans, Local Area Objectives and Site Specific Qualifications to guide the application of the SPPs.

To view additional information the SPPs are attached.


What does this mean?

All properties in our municipality are located within a zone and may have various 'overlays' or 'codes' which may apply for different reasons i.e. flood prone areas, landslide hazard areas, local heritage places etc.

Many zones will be 'translated" from the current Launceston Interim Planning Scheme 2015 to the Launceston Local Provisions Schedule. For example, the residential areas which are currently zoned 'General Residential' will be translated into the SPPs zone also known as the 'General Residential Zone'. The majority of the zoning across the city will in fact stay in a zone of similar purpose, even if it may have a different name.

Where a change in the zoning of land is recommended, a separate project report has been prepared to comply with the Zone/Code Application Guidelines prepared by the Tasmanian Planning Commission and Planning Policy Unit and also the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993.


Where are we at?

In July 2019 we personally wrote to 7500 landowners who were foreshadowed to have a zone change, a change to a scenic management area or a heritage listing as a consequence of the work undertaken. This was outside of the legislative process, but allowed us to inform our community of the work we had undertaken to date, to explain the process and rectify any errors or anomalies.

We finalised our Draft Launceston LPS in August 2019 and it was endorsed by Council for lodgement with the Tasmanian Planning Commission at the council meeting held on 5 September 2019.

The Draft Launceston LPS will now be submitted to the Tasmanian Planning Commission. The Commission will instruct us to formally advertise the Draft Launceston LPS for a period of 60 days once they are confident that it meets the requirements in the legislation. During the advertising period, we will undertake a comprehensive consultation campaign to ensure that our community is involved in the process and has the opportunity to submit formal written representations in support or otherwise in relation to the proposed changes.

The Draft Launceston LPS and associated reports and maps will be available on this webpage during the formal advertising period.