Visitor Accommodation

On July 1 2018, the Minister issued Planning Directive No. 6 for specific types of Visitor Accommodation. This replaced the Interim Planning Directive No. 2.

Key changes that came into effect on 1 July 2018 include:

  • a reduction in the ‘Permitted’   floor area from 300m2 to 200m2 per lot for visitor   accommodation use within existing habitable buildings in residential zones; and
  • new requirements for the consideration of visitor accommodation use that form part of a strata scheme   (e.g. multiple dwellings or apartments) in residential zones in interim planning schemes.

If you plan to use your existing dwelling, shack or investment property for visitor accommodation, you need to be aware of the Government's reforms to planning and building requirements, supported by a simpler process. Additional information and resources are listed below.

A minor modification to Planning Directive No. 6 was issued by the Minister for Planning on 1 August 2018 to clarify the operation of Acceptable Solution A1 in clause 3.1(e).