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Meet the Neighbours 

Connected communities are resilient communities and good neighbour relationships come in handy at times of personal hardship or emergency.

If you'd like to get to know your neighbours, here are a few simple ideas:

  • Give excess lemons from your tree to your neighbours
  • Swap mail collecting and pet feeding when you go away
  • Offer to go grocery shopping for someone in need
  • Invite your neighbours for an informal BBQ or morning coffee
  • Share a bike ride or a walk before or after work with a colleague, friend or neighbour
  • Exchange skills (piano lessons for baby-sitting, gardening for dinner, etc)
  • Organise a street garage sale or party (see this Meet the Neighbours brochure(PDF, 722KB) and the Neighbourhood Street Party Guide(PDF, 3MB) for tips on how to organise an event)

Read more about Resilient Communities in our Emergency Management section or in the Connected Communities are Resilient Communities brochure(PDF, 628KB)

Human Library

Group of people learning

The Launceston Human Library is a chance for members of the community to hear the stories of others. 

The Human Library sets up a comfortable space for dialogue and interaction where people are given the opportunity to speak informally with a 'Human Book' who tells a story about her or his experience. A 'reader' can enter the story by asking questions or discussing their own experiences.

The Human Library is a world-wide initiative aimed at promoting dialogue, understanding and education. 

In 2014, the Launceston Human Library was awarded the Human Rights Organisation Award "for creating an open and respectful place within the community where people can listen to stories that help to challenge prejudices and discrimination and that promote empathy, understanding and respect for human rights and diversity."

You're welcome to attend the free Library sessions that run for 30 minutes each month. Come and choose the Human book you wish to talk to from the list of available 'titles'. 

Discover our list of human books and upcoming free events at

If you'd like to become a Human Book or member, or you'd like to host the program in your organisation or school, please contact the Library Committee:

Phone: 0415 399 716