Resource Recovery and Waste Minimisation Grants

The Northern Tasmanian Waste Management Group's (NTWMG) Resource Recovery and Waste Minimisation Grants program allocates grants to eligible organisations in northern Tasmania that are working towards decreasing the amount of waste sent to landfill from core activities and/or increasing the recovery of resources from waste that would otherwise be lost to landfill.

This funding program responds to the increasing financial pressures associated with meeting landfill management, environmental and rehabilitation standards, as well as the need to reduce the strain on landfill airspace and the environment by recycling and reusing materials.

Financial support will be provided for eligible project costs associated with procuring infrastructure or educational materials necessary to improve waste management practices in the northern Tasmanian area.

Grants are now open until 3pm on 25 September 2018 

Who can apply
Organisations can apply for funding in the following categories providing they fulfil the eligibility criteria

  1. Schools and not-for-profit community organisations
    Schools (primary schools, high schools and senior colleges).
    Not-for-profit community organisations registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

  2. Other organisations
    Sole traders, small, medium and large businesses, local governments and local government organisations, and state government organisations (including hospitals and tertiary education institutions).

To be eligible organisations must be based and operate in the northern Tasmania area as defined by the council boundaries of Break O'Day, Dorset, George Town, Launceston, Meander Valley, Northern Midlands and West Tamar councils and be seeking to minimise waste to landfill from either their operations or community activities in the northern Tasmanian community.

Application process
Applications will be assessed by a panel of experienced practitioners from the NTWMG and other relevant expert organisations. The evaluation panel may request input from relevant subject matter experts for technical aspects where the evaluation panel does not hold the requisite expertise.

Additionally, as part of the assessment process, commercial or private operators may be asked to provide financial information to the satisfaction of the NTWMG that allows financial viability to be verified.

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Community benefit – how the project benefits the northern Tasmanian community
  • Project duration – how long the project provides a benefit to the Tasmanian community
  • Commitment ­– the applicant's commitment to improving waste management and recycling
  • Landfill diversion – how the project leads to an improvement in resource recovery or waste minimisation
  • Value for money – the financial value of the project compared to the expected benefits
  • Cash contributions to the project, and
  • Where bin infrastructure is to be installed, assessment that the bins meet the Australian Standards for bin colours (AS 4123-2006 part 7).


How to Apply

For more information and to apply, visit 

Need help?  

Please contact our Waste and Environment Officer for more information:

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