About the Human Library

The Human Library concept began in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2000 and spread across the globe.

Launceston’s Human Library (originally called the Launceston Living Library) was created in 2008 as an initiative of the City of Launceston in partnership with LINC and the community at large to promote diversity and perceived safety in Launceston.

In 2014 was awarded the Human Rights Organisation Award for "creating an open and respectful place within the community where people can listen to stories that help to challenge prejudices and discrimination and that promote empathy, understanding and respect for human rights and diversity."

The Launceston Human Library sets up a comfortable space for dialogue and interaction where members of the public are given an opportunity to speak informally with a living Book who tells a story about their experience.

A 'reader' enters the story by asking questions or telling about their own experiences. It’s up to reader and living Book how they will use the half hour they can spend together.

The human library enables groups to break stereotypes by challenging prejudice in a positive and humourous manner. It is a concrete, easily transferable and affordable way of promoting tolerance and understanding.

Our program wants to be a simple and direct contribution to social cohesion in Launceston. The program runs thanks to the participation and involvement of volunteers.

Discover our list of human books and upcoming free events at www.launcestonhumanlibrary.com.au

Do you want to try our program as a reader?

Come along, it's free! Request a copy of our Calendar of Events - the time and venues from which we will operate in the coming months.

Choose a Living Book you wish to talk to from the list of available 'titles' on the day. Most 'readings' are scheduled for 20 minutes but can be shortened or extended as needed.

And, if you liked the unique experience of talking to a Living Book, then ask us how to become a Living Book yourself or a Committee member.

Our program may also be able to come to you

If you are a community organisation and believe a visit by the Human Library would be of benefit to your client group, contact us or request a booking online. We may be able to organise an event at your organisation location.