Event Planning and Sponsorship

1. Overview

Junction Arts Festival, 2023, sponsored by the City of Launceston.

Image: Junction Arts Festival, 2023, sponsored by the City of Launceston. Photo: Launceston Place Brand.

Launceston hosts a range of events each year, which contribute and provide memorable experiences to our community.

The events the city stages and Council supports, also provide economic gains which are received throughout the municipality.

Our Events Strategy(PDF, 4MB) outlines our commitment to provide successful, stimulating and socially and economically beneficial events around Launceston.

Download the City of Launceston Events Strategy(PDF, 4MB)  

2. How to Plan an Event

Events play a vital role in creating communities that are engaged, vibrant and have a strong sense of pride and community connectivity. Events deliver a range of positive impacts including economic and tourism benefits, promotion of the city's image as a destination and provide an opportunity to raise the city profile as a great place to live and invest in.   We are committed to ensuring that the City of Launceston provides the community and visitors with an opportunity to experience and participate in a diverse range of vibrant and stimulating events and cultural activities.

Your first step is to complete the online Event Notification Form (ENF). The ENF enables the Event Facilitation Team to assess whether any permits, licences and/or venue bookings are required.  Documentation must be submitted a minimum of 8 weeks before an event to ensure there is sufficient time for relevant permit requirements to be met and issued. Late fees may apply for applications received after this.

Complete the Event Notification Form

Our Event Facilitation Team can provide guidance and information to assist you in ensuring your event is as successful as it can be. Download a copy of the City of Launceston Event Planning Guide(PDF, 4MB) and if you have any questions, please reach out to our team at events.enquiries@launceston.tas.gov.au or via 03 6323 3000.

Download the City of Launceston Event Planning Guide 

3. Permits, Plans and other considerations

If you intend to organise an event, you may need to apply for a special license or permit and advise Council about certain aspects of it. Ask our Event Facilitation Officer for more information; otherwise see below for some common event considerations.


Risk and Emergency

You must have Risk Management and Emergency Management plans in place.

Templates are available for download below:

Event Emergency Management Plan

Event Risk Assessment

Place of Assembly

Do you expect 1000 or more people at your event for two or more hours? You'll need to apply for a Place of Assembly Specific Event application(PDF, 105KB). Please know late fees apply to applications received less than one month prior to the event.  A Smoke-Free Management Plan will also be required at an event of this type. 


People with a disability face a range of barriers to participation in public events.  The Tasmanian Government has introduced a number of guidelines and checklists to assist you in conducting events that are both welcoming and accessible to people with disability. 


If you intend to serve food and drink at your event, you'll need to apply for a Temporary Food Licence. Find an online form or PDF version on our Food Business Forms page. Please note late fees apply to applications received less than ten working days prior to the event, penalty rates may apply if received within 4 weeks of the event. 


Temporary Occupancy

Does your event include temporary infrastructure such as a stage, tent, tiered seating or signage? If so, you may need a Temporary Occupancy Permit(PDF, 68KB) which must be returned to Council a minimum of two months prior to the event.

Temporary Occupancy Permit - Guidelines 


Road closure

If your event is expected to disrupt traffic, a Road Closure Application(PDF, 148KB) will be required. 


Weddings in Launceston Park

 Parks are public spaces and although we don't make bookings, we do ask wedding parties intending to use one of these spaces to let us know the following information. We'll then make a note in the calendar and if another group contacts us about the same date and location, we can let them know another wedding is taking place.

Notify us of your park wedding  


Street Party

Planning a street party? See our Neighbourhood Street Party Guide for everything you need to know.


Hire us

The City of Launceston manages a range of great facilitiesparks and community halls you can hire, so be sure to consider these if wondering where to hold an event. If you do want to hire a Council-managed space, you'll need to apply for a Hire Agreement and possibly other permits. For a list of the Adopted Fees & Charges click here.



All sites or attractions where patrons have access to animals, such as a petting zoo or nursery, must have hand washing facilities that adhere to specific requirements. Please ask us for more information. Please note pregnant or sick animals are not permitted at any sites or attractions where patrons have access. 



4. Event Sponsorship

The purpose of the Event Sponsorship Program is to support events that deliver community, social, cultural, tourism and economic benefits to the Launceston community, building our profile and reputation as a great place to live, visit and invest.

The City of Launceston Event Sponsorship Overview(PDF, 1MB) provides a snapshot to funding opportunities available. The Event Sponsorship Program aligns to the City of Launceston Events Strategy(PDF, 4MB) and provides the framework to guide the allocation of event funding support via the Event Sponsorship Program. 

Small Event Sponsorship

Sponsorship Program

For small community held events in the City of Launceston municipality where the local community is the main audience.

Sponsorship Amount

Up to $5,000

Application Dates

Round 1

For events to be held between 1 August to 31 December.

  • Open: 1 February
  • Close: 15 March
  • Council decision: May

Small Event Guidelines

Submit your application

Round 2

For events to be held between 1 January to 31 July.

  • Open: 1 May
  • Close: 15 June
  • Council decision: TBA 

Major Event Sponsorship

Sponsorship Program

Level 1: A major event held in the City of Launceston municipality attracting local and intrastate audiences.

Level 2: A major event held in the City of Launceston municipality attracting larger local intrastate, interstate and/or international audiences.

Sponsorship Amount

Level 1: up to $12,500

Level 2: up to $20,000

Application Dates

Round 1

For events to be held between 1 August to 31 December.

  • Open:1 February
  • Close:15 March
  • Council decision: May

Major Event Guidelines

Submit your application

Round 2

For events to be held between 1 January to 31 July.

  • Open: 1 May
  • Close: 15 June
  • Council decision: TBA

Special Event Sponsorship

Sponsorship Program

Defined as an irregular or one off event that has the ability to attract significant attendees from local, state and interstate areas.

Sponsorship Amount

 Up to $30,000

Special Event Guidelines

Please contact our Grants and Sponsorship Officer for details or to apply.


Sponsored Events in 2023/24

Small Events

  • Interweave Arts Association INC - Remade
  • Rotary Club of Youngtown - Soggy Bottom Regatta
  • Launceston City Mission - Launceston City Community Christmas
  • Migrant Resource Centre Northern Tas Inc - Harmony Day
  • Lilydale RSL Sub-Branch - Vietnam Veterans Day
  • Cancer Council Tasmania - Women's 5km Walk/Run
  • Launceston Festival of Dance Inc - Launceston Festival of Dance
  • St. Giles Society - St. Giles Balfour Burn
  • Tasmanian Storytelling Festival - Tasmanian Storytelling Festival
  • Mudlark Theatre Inc.  - One Day 2023
  • St. Cecilia Productions (Tas) Inc. - St Cecilia Performance Challenge
  • Tasmanian Poetry Festival Inc. - Tasmanian Poetry Festival
  • Three River Theatre Inc. - Things I Know To Be True
  • The Launceston Players Society Inc. - A Clockwork Orange
  • The ReDress Hub -  ReDressed: A Slow Fashion Parade
  • Youth Spectacular Inc. - Youth Spectacular
  • Tasmanian Fashion Festival Inc. - Tasmanian Fashion Festival
  • Launceston Carols by Candlelight Inc. - Launceston Carols by Candlelight
  • Tasmanian Rock Challenge - Riverbend Rock Challenge
  • Cancer Council Tasmania - Relay For Life
  • Northern Tasmanian Croquet Centre Inc.  - Northern Tasmanian Croquet Easter Tournament
  • IO Performance - Launceston Summer Series
  • Tasmanian Brick Enthusiasts Inc. - Brixhibition Launceston
  • Tamar Bicycle User Group Inc. - Bike Week
  • RSPCA Tasmania - RSPCA Tasmania Million Paws Walk
  • Rowing TAS - The Launceston and Henley Regatta
  • Community of St Patricks River District (Tas) Inc. - St Patrick River District Day
  • Backyard Projections - Dinner and a Movie

Major Events

  • DanceSport Australia Limited - Tasmanian Open DanceSport Championships
  • Launceston Festivale Committee Inc. - Festivale
  • Encore Theatre Company Inc. - The Boy from Oz
  • Encore Theatre Company Inc. - Chess the Musical
  • Australian Musical Theatre Festival Inc. - Australian Musical Theatre Festival
  • Panama Productions - A Festival Called Panama
  • Junction Arts Festival Inc. - Junction Arts Festival
  • Epic Events and Marketing - McGrath Launceston Running Festival
  • City of Launceston Lions Club - City of Launceston Lions Club, Skoda Buckby Christmas Parade
  • Tasmanian Agrifood Network Ltd. - agriCULTURED
  • Tamar Community Peace Trust - Tamar Valley Peace Festival
  • Northern Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Association Inc. - Small Farm Living Field Day
  • AusCycling - Tour of Tasmania
  • Rotary Club of Central Launceston - Sally's Ride
  • Thai Association of Tasmania Inc. - Thai Food and Cultural Festival
  • Launceston City Cycling Club - Launceston City Cycling Club 2 Day Classic
  • Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival (BOFA Ltd) - Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival
  • Athletics Tasmania - Australian 10/11/12 years Track and Field Championships
  • Launceston Competitions Association Inc. - Launceston Competitions
  • Tasmanian Turf Club Inc. - Ladbrokes Launceston Cup & Carnival
  • Golf Australia - 2024 Men's and Women's Tasmanian Open and 2024 Tasmanian Inclusive Championship
  • Jacqueline Anifandis - Launceston Ukulele Jamboree
  • Tasmanian Marching Association Inc. - 2024 Australian DrillDance Championships
  • Smash Attack Studios Pty Ltd - Fighting Island State Tasmania
  • Multicultural Council of Tasmania - Celebrating Harmony
  • Motorsport Australia - Rally Launceston

Special Events

  • Moorilla Estate  Pty Ltd - Mona Foma
  • Vandemonian Touring Pty Ltd - The Corrs Down Under
  • Rooke productions Ltd- - DEKOOR
  • Ten Days on The island - Ten Days on The Island

5. Conferences and Business Events

Business Events Tasmania

Business Events Tasmania can support you with all aspects of your Launceston conference, convention, or business event whether it be for events with 15 attendees or 500.

Together we can ensure your delegates will have an event experience that’s uniquely Tasmanian. Connecting you with passionate local suppliers who embody the Tasmanian culture, tools to boost delegate numbers, a wide range of helpful resources, sample itineraries, and corporate social responsibility opportunities that can be easily incorporated into the event plan and budget.

We'll prepare a comprehensive proposal for you to present to your client or committee, including quotes from the venues and service providers that meet your event specifications.

With our help your delegates will leave feeling inspired and with an expanded perspective because in Tasmania you will see clear here

Contact Leah Muir, Commercial Manager on +61 488 702 022 or lmuir@betasmania.com.au


Business Events Attraction Fund (BEAF)

In Tasmania we welcome all to join us in our quite pursuit of the extraordinary. During your time here you find a culture that celebrates collaboration and supporting one another. 

In partnership with the Tasmanian Government, BET is dedicated to reflecting this attitude in our industry by supporting conferences and events that leave long lasting benefits to Tasmania. One way we do this is through the Tasmanian Business Events Attraction Fund (BEAF). 

The Tasmanian Business Events Attraction Fund (BEAF) allows Business Events Tasmania to offer financial support at the critical bidding stage, to help secure national and international conferences to the state.

Offering a unique platform for conferences, meetings and incentives events, Launceston has direct access to professionals and industry leaders eager to enhance events.

See Business Events Tasmania for more information.