Community Engagement Framework

The City of Launceston has a strong commitment to community and stakeholder engagement. This commitment is reflected in our Strategic Plan and our Community Engagement Framework.

The City of Launceston makes decisions on behalf of over 70,000 residents,so it’s vital that the Council takes into account the views of the community

when making decisions and choosing a direction on particular issues.

The City of Launceston has a strong commitment to:

1. build partnerships with a range of stakeholders, and seeking greater community involvement in the activities and decision making process of Council; and

2. adhere to democratic processes, legislative requirements and the Council’s values.

This document is designed to provide a framework for the Council, our employees and the community.

The Framework is supported by the following documents:

1. A Community Engagement Policy and Strategy to provide direction for community engagement within the City of Launceston

2. City of Launceston’s dedicated Community Engagement platform - Tomorrow Together, which lists current and past engagement initiatives -    

Download the Community Engagement Framework(PDF, 8MB)

Download the Community Engagement Strategy(PDF, 8MB)