Annual Budget

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Annual Budget 2018/19

This 2018/19 budget is prepared in the context of these opportunities and the challenges faced by the community.  The public expectation of the Council is that it plays a significant role in addressing the challenges and facilitates the realisation of the potential benefits that these opportunities present.

Balancing the competing needs of maintaining facilities and services, supporting important economic development and social inclusion programs and capitalising on the potentially dramatic changes to the City and the natural and built environment is an ongoing challenge, indeed it is the role of the Council.  The organisation has prepared this budget cognisant of these challenges and opportunities and the need for continuous improvement in the way services are provided to our community.

There is a focus on revision of our key planning documents in 2018/19;  the Strategic Plan, the Long-term Financial Plan and Strategic Asset Management Plan. Development of a draft four-year resourcing and delivery plan will see the Council well placed to deliver for our community into the future, in a sustainable and focused way.

Investment in organisational culture and continuous improvement programs (LEAN) will be an internal priority in 2018/2019 - as we focus on providing a safe and productive work environment where we are all engaged in providing services to our community in an efficient manner.