Standing as a Candidate


Whether you are a resident, property owner or business operator, becoming a Local Government Councillor can be the most direct and rewarding way to contribute to your local community.

Standing for election provides you with a great opportunity to influence the future direction of the local community and help those who require support. It can be daunting and time-consuming, but also rewarding.

Councils are complex and vibrant organisations that require talented and dedicated individuals to participate in making the decisions that count. Deciding whether to stand is an important decision.

Elections are conducted by the Tasmanian Electoral Commission (TEC).  Information on dates and further information for those considering standing as a candidate is available from the TEC.

The Local Government Association of Tasmania has produced a range of resources including presentations and a handbook for candidates, Becoming a Councillor. 

Candidate Election Signage 

Under the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993, the Launceston Interim Planning Scheme 2015 controls the use and development of land, including the erection of signage. The following applies to signage for the Local Government Elections. Candidates are able to erect one election sign per building or tenancy, which meets the following criteria:

And election sign must;

     a) not be located on public land;

     b) have a maximum area of 1.5 square metres;

     c) not contain fluorescent or iridescent colours or finishes;

     d) not be erected more than eight weeks before polling date; and

     e) be removed within seven days after the election.


If you have any questions regarding erection of election signage, please contact Anthea Rooney or Leanne Purchase at the City of Launceston on 6323 3000.