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Launceston businesses are not immune from being affected by emergencies and could face many challenges in responding to and recovering from a disaster should the city be faced with an emergency event such as bushfire or flood. 

Extreme emergency events such as fires and floods have the potential to disrupt business activities causing significant financial stress.  However, the impacts of disaster events can be managed by being well prepared in advance.  Planning for disasters, knowing the risks in your area and business continuity planning will assist businesses to manage and recover from a major disruption caused by an emergency event. 

The Tasmanian Government has developed a suite of tools and checklists to assist business owners to reduce the impacts of an emergency event on your business and premises. 

This guide assists business owners to take a considered approach to the many elements of preparation, taking action and recovering from a disaster.  It can also be used to assist businesses to adjust and identify new opportunities for improvement in their disaster planning.  For more information, visit

The toolkit provides valuable information for businesses on the following:

Business Continuity
· Know your disaster risk
· Get Ready
· Take Action
· Reassess, recover and learn