TasALERT (Emergency) Website

TasALERT.com – where you go to know

TasALERT is a Tasmanian emergency website providing a single source of official emergency information from across government, including Tasmania Police, Tasmania Fire Service, and State Emergency Service (SES).

It’s important that we all have access to alerts and information to help us prepare to act quickly if an emergency happens. TasALERT makes it easy to find emergency information and warnings relevant to you or those you care about.

The map on the home page lets you choose the types of information you would like to see during an emergency, including bushfire warnings, flood warnings, road closures and school closures.

The website also contains a range of handy resources like contact numbers and useful advice about what you should do before, during and after an emergency. This information has also been translated into other languages.

The TasALERT (Emergency) website has been built to be highly resilient during an emergency. It is also supported by the TasALERT Facebook and Twitter accounts. Through social media, you can get updates as they happen, and engage with the TasALERT team.

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