Rate Rise

Given the current emergency situation, the Council has proposed that the organisation deliver a budget in 2020/21 based on a 0% rate increase.

While this change will impact upon the range of the projects that can be delivered in this financial year, it will result in a $2.23 million saving for ratepayers.

Cityprom has also committed to a 0% rate increase for 2020/21.

However, given that Council has agreed to a remission of the general rates to eligible CBD businesses, it is considered inappropriate to charge those businesses with the CBD marketing rate for six months.

Efforts will be made to work with Cityprom to reduce discretionary spending throughout this period to minimise the impact on the current budget.

It is considered that CBD representative organisations such as Cityprom and the Launceston Chamber of Commerce and Industry are vital for supporting and assisting their member businesses during this emergency, and need to be prepared to hit the ground running when this emergency situation ends to quickly assist in the generation of activity, vibrancy and most importantly, more people shopping within Launceston.