Image of two people walking on the royal park boardwalk next to the kanamaluka/tamar estuary at sunset  

Disasters are inevitable, unpredictable and significantly impact communities and the economy.

But if we're prepared as a community, an event's impact can be minimised.

The City of Launceston encourages Resilient Communities, which means our ability to withstand adverse events by supporting each other.

Resilient Communities starts by recognising each resident has a resource to contribute.     

Communities that are socially bound are known to recover quicker from unfortunate events.

So where to start? Well, strong and cohesive communities rely on good neighbour relationships. So introduce yourself to your neighbours and keep in touch with them, whether that's offering to bring in their garbage bins or feed their cat while they're away.

By banding together, we can be better prepared when disaster occurs.

Here are some resources that may help following an emergency event:

Disaster Recovery Toolkit for business

After the Fire(PDF, 1MB)

Bushfire Ready Neighbours

Road to Recovery Video Series