SKY Racing Launceston Cup

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The Launceston Cup is Tasmania's premier sporting and social event. An exciting and fun-filled community and corporate event that places Launceston in the spotlight on a State, National and International level. The first running of the Launceston Cup dates back to 1865.

People come together to enjoy not only the social aspect of the day but also fine food, wine, extravagant fashions and great entertainment and exciting racing. The Launceston Cup is acknowledged as being one of the best regional cup meetings in Australia because of the significant attendance and the professional manner in which the event is promoted and managed. Some of Australia's greatest horses, trainers and jockeys attend the Launceston Cup and the meeting is highly prized within the local and mainland industries.


  • Wednesday, 28 February 2018 | 11:00 AM


SKY Racing Launceston Cup, Jelico Street, Mowbray 7248  View Map

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