Launceston Night Market

Launceston Night Market

Inspired by night markets from around the world, the Launceston Night Market looks to celebrate local food, beverages producers and musicians from within our community.

This won't be your traditional market - the emphasis will be more on 'night' than 'market'.

Enjoying the fact that it's Saturday, you arrive at the free open-air location at Civic Square for a relaxing evening in the city. Listening to some great music, you grab a bite to eat with your friends and family. It's the place where you look around and recognise familiar faces. It’s the place where you appreciate where you live and you feel part of a wonderful community.

Wouldn’t this be the best way to enjoy the weekend?

The Launceston Night Market welcomes you.

Free Entry




  • Saturday, 13 July 2019 | 04:00 PM - 09:00 PM