CBD Kerbside Collection

Due to the unique conditions and requirements of properties within the Central Business District (CBD), Council does not offer a standard service.

As such, no waste fee is incorporated into the rates for these properties. Rather, Council offers an opt-in service for residents, commercial businesses and offices within the CBD collection area. This service is offered as a weekly general waste and fortnightly recycling collection, with the following bin configuration options:

  • 140-litre waste and 240-litre recycling bin; or
  • 240-litre waste and recycling bin; or
  • Access to one of the central Mobile Garage Bins (MGB) hub facilities.

For the personal bins, if multiple bins are required then multiple applications must be lodged, noting that there must be sufficient space within the property boundary to store each requested bin. If it is deemed there is not sufficient space to store bins, the applicant can either pay for access to the MGB hub, or they can withdraw their application. 

For more information, download the CBD Kerbside Collection FAQ sheet.

There is an annual fee associated with this service, please views Council's current adopted fees and charges or contact Council's Customer Service Centre for more information.

Register for CBD kerbside bin collection online here