Expressions of Interest open for wayfinding signage

Published on 14 July 2017


The City of Launceston is calling for Expressions of Interest to deliver the roll-out of pedestrian and cyclist wayfinding signage across Launceston.

As part of the Launceston City Heart Project, the Council has developed a wayfinding signage strategy, designed to guide the rollout of new pedestrian and cycling signage in public spaces around the city.

Wayfinding signage is designed specifically to assist pedestrians and cyclists to navigate from place to place, using directional and location information.




Launceston Mayor Albert van Zetten said the goal of the project was to contemporise, rationalise and standardise wayfinding signage across Launceston.

"The signage guidelines we have developed as part of the Launceston City Heart Project will ensure wayfinding signage is contemporary, complies with the Disabilities Discrimination Act 1992, uses a consistent visual language, and provides users with concise, easily legible information," Mayor van Zetten said.

"Through the use of high contrast colours, well-chosen fonts, and durable materials, we're seeking to roll out a pilot project in two of the city's public spaces in coming months.

"We've taken extreme care to ensure the 'light reflective value' and contrast levels between foreground and background colours remain above 70%, which makes signage more legible for people who are visually impaired.

"Ultimately, we hope to roll out approximately 200 new wayfinding signs across Launceston, putting an end to the myriad different styles and form factors that have been in place around the city for decades.

"The signage family that has been developed includes plinths, wall-mounted signs, and co-located signs that can be placed on existing infrastructure like rubbish bins or street light poles, reducing the cost of production.

"We are also eager to trial digital signs in suitable pedestrian areas that can display information about upcoming events or other timely information.

"All the signs have been designed to maximise the optimum viewing heights and required viewing distances, whether people are on foot or cycling.

"By developing a consistent suite of wayfinding signage, with consistent form, structure, typography, colours and graphical elements, we can get better economies of scale in design and manufacturing. It means production methods remain the same across the suite, which helps us reduce production costs in the longer term.

"Launceston is a modern and contemporary city, but also a city with a proud history. Our wayfinding signage will be an important element in showcasing to visitors that we are also a welcoming and easily navigable city, with great recreational links, modern public spaces and fantastic community facilities."

The Expressions of Interest process will close at 2pm on Friday, 28 July 2017.

The Council hopes to begin the roll-out a pilot program of new wayfinding signage in the Quadrant Mall, The Avenue and Civic Square by the end of 2017.