Free tyre recycling ends this weekend

Published on 06 June 2019


Launceston residents have until Sunday afternoon to recycle their unwanted vehicle tyres for free at the Launceston Waste Centre.


The City of Launceston has used a grant from Tyre Stewardship Australia to waive the $8 fee usually associated with the recycling of passenger vehicle tyres.


The scheme allows Launceston residents to responsibly dispose of up to eight unwanted car, four wheel drive and motorcycle tyres, as well as tyres with rims.


City of Launceston Waste and Environment Officer Michael Attard said the scheme had been incredibly popular since its introduction on June 1.


"When we launched this initiative last week, we were concerned we might not be able to collect 1000 tyres in four weeks," Mr Attard said.


"However, we're now on track to have collected our maximum of 2000 tyres by Sunday, which has really surprised us.


"To collect so many tyres in a week is an indication of just how many tyres there are out there, and we're really pleased this program has seen so many tyres responsibly recycled.


"We really want to get the message out that if you're a Launceston resident with some unwanted passenger vehicle tyres, you have until 4.45pm this Sunday, June 9, to take advantage of this free program and drop your tyres off at the Launceston Waste Centre.




"After that, the normal small fee will be in place. What's important to remember is those fees, as little as $8, are used wholly to ensure tyres are appropriately recycled with trusted operators, who can turn those unwanted tyres into playground soft-fall material, adhesives and other useful products.


"So even if you miss out on this free program, the Launceston Waste Centre is still the best place to recycle your tyres and have the knowledge that we will recycle them responsibly.


"Given the huge community interest in this program, it is something we will be looking to do again next year."