Northern Suburbs plan launched for consultation

Published on 08 August 2018

Alderman Simon Wood, Project Officer Nicole Lucas, Denise Delphin Northern Suburbs Community Centre, Mayor Albert van Zetten, Alderman Danny Gibson, Development Service Director Leanne Hurst

The City of Launceston will today launch the community consultation for its much anticipated Northern Suburbs Revitalisation Plan under the new moniker - My Place My Future.

The plan is a key aspect of the Launceston City Deal, which was signed by the three levels of government in April 2017.

The Council, through the City Deal, has employed a Northern Suburbs project officer to deliver the plan and oversee its implementation.

City of Launceston Mayor Albert van Zetten said the Northern Suburbs was home to about 25 per cent of Launceston's population and faced social and economic challenges, including a relatively high unemployment rate - impacted by the decline in traditional manufacturing jobs across the wider Launceston area.

"As a long advocate for the Northern Suburbs, I'm extremely positive and excited about the potential outcomes this plan will deliver for the region," Mayor van Zetten said.

"This plan will provide an integrated approach to revitalising the Northern Suburbs' infrastructure, transport, public space, land use and broader environmental needs - as well as supporting improved lifestyle, social and economic outcomes for residents."

The plan focusses on key areas that support community; health and well-being, housing, education, transport, employment, economic growth and, infrastructure and public spaces.

Today's launch of the community consultation will include a community survey on the Your Voice Your Launceston website. This survey invites members of the Northern Suburbs community to have their say on what this plan should consider.

To assist those in the community complete this survey, the City of Launceston is installing six iPads in four Neighbourhood Houses.

There will be a six month trial of this new innovative way for the community to communicate directly with the City of Launceston.

"Going forward, the Council will gather all the feedback we receive through the community survey and identify key opportunities and points of concern from that feedback," Mayor van Zetten said.

"Following that, the Council will lead the discussion with all the relevant stakeholders to identify the various ways we can all work together to bring those opportunities to fruition."