Tenders to be advertised for Civic Square redevelopment

Published on 17 March 2017

The City of Launceston will tomorrow call for tenders from experienced contractors for a major redevelopment of Civic Square, as part of the Launceston City Heart Project.


The Launceston City Heart Project aims to make central Launceston the premiere business, retail and lifestyle hub of Northern Tasmania. The project seeks to attract future private investment to the CBD and to ensure there is always activity in our streets and public spaces.


The project comprises the redevelopment of public spaces across the CBD including the Quadrant Mall, Civic Square, the Brisbane Street Mall, and others.


The ideas and feedback of more than 6000 Northern Tasmanians are being used to inform the redesign of the city's public spaces.


The Civic Square project is the largest open public space in the CBD at 4500 square metres.


During the award-winning public consultation process launched by the Council in 2014 for the Launceston City Heart Project, it was also the most talked about public space.


The redevelopment will be the largest Civic Square has seen since it was first declared "a place for people" in the early 1980s.


It will be redeveloped into three linked spaces, comprising an events space with associated infrastructure like three-phase power, a family play area, and a dining and social gathering space.


The redevelopment works will include the installation of 15 new stormwater pits, 21 dynamic lighting poles, two catenary lighting systems, 176m of LED strip lights and 10 umbrellas.


Launceston Mayor Albert van Zetten said Civic Square had struggled to reach its full potential since its construction in 1982.
old_civic square1_med.jpg


"What came through very clear in the various public consultation programs for the Launceston City Heart Project is that Civic Square is currently just a thoroughfare," Mayor van Zetten said.


"It's not a place that's well suited to events or markets or even simple social gathering.


"It's a place that people transition through, and we think it could be much more for our CBD.


"The design that has been drawn up for Civic Square is striking and contemporary, but it also has a nod to our past through symbolic references to the city's medical innovations, the streetscape of early Launceston, and the city's relationship to the three river systems that converge here.


"This is a very exciting project for Launceston, one that follows on from the successful revamp of the Quadrant Mall last year, and we hope to see work starting by early May."


Tenders will be advertised tomorrow, and will close on Wednesday, April 19, at 2pm.