What happens to your kerbside recycling...

Published on 18 May 2017

Ever wondered what happens to your recycling?
The City of Launceston's City Services Supervisor Paul takes us on a tour of the Toxfree Materials Recycling Facility (or "MuRF"), where Northern Tasmania's kerbside recycling is sorted and baled. 


In Launceston, residents can recycle a range of items in their kerbside recycling bins, including:

Aluminium cans
Glass bottles
Metal food cans
Paper, newspaper, cardboard
Plastic containers
Aluminium foil (scrunched)

While many items can be recycled in kerbside recycling bins, there are also a number of things that can't be.

 It can all be a bit confusing, which is why the Northern Tasmanian Waste Management Group has produced this handy guide.

 For more information, click here.