West Tamar Fitness Track Closure

Taswater advises that the West Tamar Fitness Track on the western foreshore of the Kanamaluka / Tamar Estuary, between Tamar Marine and Tailrace Park, is subject to temporary closures to the public until mid-2024.

However, the recreational trail closest to the river will remain open, ensuring a route remains open for pedestrians and cyclists.

The closure of the West Tamar Fitness Track is required to allow Taswater to deliver a new sewer pipeline project.

For more information, visit: https://www.taswater.com.au/community/community/our-projects/project-works/current-work/tamar-estuary-river-health-action-plan-new-sewer-pipeline-project/tamar-estuary-river-health-action-plan-project-new-sewer-pipeline-projects.


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