12 Week Winter Motivational Program


We are excited to announce our 12 Week Winter Motivational program for LAfit and Complete members!

Beginning Monday, 4 July, 2022, this fun and encouraging program will motivate you to achieve your fitness goals during the colder months.

Participants will receive a member passport to record points earned throughout the program by participating in various activities with fantastic prizes to be won!

Throughout the program we will keep in touch to provide fitness tips and keep you up to date on the latest fitness advice, trends, and guidelines.

Registrations are available via the link below.

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This program is for LAfit and Complete members only.


Information for Participants

This program is designed to be fun, encouraging and motivating, so that we can help you reach your individual health and fitness goals!

How it works

You will receive points based on attendance, and completing challenges. For every point that you gain, you will receive an additional entry for the weekly prize, and the final major prize. Points will be allocated as follows:

  • 1 point per gym session or 1 point per group fitness class, capped at a maximum of 1 point per day
  • 2 points for completing one of our Weekly Challenges, capped at a maximum of 2 points per day
  • Bonus points will be awarded throughout the program for special challenges or activities
  • The maximum points you can accrue per day is 3 points, with the exception of bonus points

You will have your own Fitness Passport to record points, which need to be signed off by one of our instructors. Prizes will be drawn each week and the major prize will be drawn at the conclusion of the program.
You will receive an email each Friday featuring exercise and nutrition tips and the Weekly Challenges for the following week. 

Your next steps
  • If you would like an optional weigh & measure at the commencement of the program, please call 6323 3446 or 6323 3636 to book in with one of our instructors.
  • From Monday, 4 July, please visit the gym office to be shown where your Program Passport will be kept.  Please put your passport back in the tubs located at the gym after use and ensure your points are up to date by the end of each week, as your points will be tallied every Monday. If your passport isn't in the tub, it will not be tallied!
  • Each time you attend a class or complete a gym session, please ask the gym floor instructor or the group fitness instructor to sign your Program Passport
  • If you are attempting a Weekly Challenge, please advise the gym floor instructor so that they can verify the completion of the challenge and sign your Program Passport.


Weekly Challenges

 Each week we will have a different cardio, strength and group fitness challenge.

Each Monday our new weekly challenges will be available in the gym.

Week 1 Group Fitness Challenge: attend any group fitness class and you will be awarded 2 points. The class can can be a regular class you participate in or a class you haven't yet tried.
Week 1 Cardio Challenge: a step challenge using our StairMaster. Details of this challenge will be available in the gym on Monday.
Week 1 Strength Challenge: a series of body-weight exercises that will be available in the gym on Monday.