Classes at LAfit



BODYPUMP 30/45/60 mins

Tone, sculpt and strengthen your body with this barbell class which focuses on low weight and high reps for a total body workout.

BODYPUMP / CX 50 mins

Combination class of two highly effective body conditioning workouts.

CX WORX 30 mins

The collection of muscles within he core stabilises and moves the spine and this workout strengthens these important muscles.

BOX-FIT 30/45 mins

A fat burning cardio, strength and toning workout through boxing combos, cardio drills and specific boxing exercises.


Cardio and full body strengthening workout which leads to increased strength, endurance and toning. This kettlebell workout also strengthens ligaments and tendons for injury prevention.

PILATES 45/50 mins

Body toning class which combines breathing techniques with key muscle movements to improve core strength, flexibility and overall well-being.

YOGA 45/50 mins

A mind-body workout which improves flexibility, cardio and circulatory health, increases muscle and ligament strength resulting in toning and protection from injury.


Move your body the way it was intended to move. Focusing on correct breathing, postural correction and gentle mobility; Joint mobility is for anyone wanting to improve the way their body moves.

Cycle Studio

RPM/SPIN 30/45 mins

Interval based cycling workouts which improves cardio fitness, burns fat, tones the lower body, increase leg strength and muscular endurance without adding bulk.

Aquatic Classes

AQ-Fit 45 mins

A fun aerobic total body workout which builds cardio stamina, increases circulation and flexibility with the benefit of less impact on joints, muscles and bones.

AQ-GENTLE 40 mins, Programs Pool

 A gentle, supportive class suitable for all fitness levels and designed specifically for older adults to unload joints and increase the range of movement, balance and mobility.