Personal Training

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Our Personal Training services are designed to support and motivate clients to achieve their health and fitness goals while enjoying their workouts. Personal Training is offered to members and non-members of all abilities, and fitness levels. Clients must be aged 13 years or over to participant in Personal Training sessions.

Whether you're starting, returning or a regular in the gym, our fully qualified Personal Trainers understand that different training types suit different people and they pride themselves on personalising sessions for each individual client. During our Personal Training sessions, our knowledgeable trainers guide clients through safe and correct technique, while also challenging and motivating them. 

Session Types

We offer both individual and group Personal Training sessions.

Individual Session
Our individual sessions are one-on-one with the client and trainer. These sessions allow our trainer to focus the entire session around the client and their specific goals.

Group Session (2 - 4 Participants)
In our group sessions, the trainer will guide a group of up to four people through a workout focused on the goals of the group. 



  Session Type    Duration    Price (single session) 
  Member Individual Session   45 minutes   $68.00 
  Member Group Session (2 - 4 participants)    45 minutes    $50.00 per person 


  Session Type   Duration  Price (single session)
  Non-Member Individual Session   45 minutes  $87.00
  Non-Member Group Session (2 - 4 participants)   45 minutes  $68.00 per person


Sign-up For Personal Training

New clients can complete our online Personal Training Form via the link below.

Personal Training Form

We also encourage you to speak to our friendly LAfit staff about our Personal Training services!

Book Your Next Session

Returning Personal Training clients can book via one of the following options:

Recurring Appointments
We also offer recurring appointments (e.g. weekly, fortnightly or monthly). This is subject to the availability of each specific Personal Trainer. Enquire about recurring appointments via emailing the address above or directly with your Personal Trainer.