Community Recognition Awards - City of Launceston


The City of Launceston takes great pride in welcoming people from around the world who become Australian citizens.

The Department of Home Affairs oversees citizenship applications. Please see the Department's website for information around eligibility and how to apply. 



The presentation of a Citizenship Certificate is the final step to becoming an Australian Citizen. The City of Launceston conducts Australian Citizenship Ceremonies on behalf of the Department of Home Affairs.

Our role is to provide a ceremony where conferees are required to pledge their allegiance to Australia and its laws, after which they receive their Certificate of Australian Citizenship.

Once you have received approval notification from the Department, the Council will include you in the schedule for the next public citizenship ceremony. Ceremonies are held four times a year (approximately every 12 weeks).

The official ceremony takes about 30 minutes and is followed by a short welcome reception for new citizens, their family and guests. An electoral form is also completed at the ceremony, so that the names of new citizens can be added to the Electoral Roll.


Please contact our Civic Affairs Coordinator Elizabeth Clark for more information: