Skip Bins and Shipping Containers

Below outlines important information about Skip Bin and Shipping Container placement in Launceston:
  • All Skip Bins/ Shipping Containers must have reflective material on their corners if they are staying within the road reserve overnight.
  • Applications for Skip Bin/ Shipping container placement on the road reserve must be lodged at least 5 working days prior to the placement.
  • There are no cost involved with Skip Bin/ Shipping container placement if they are not located on metered parking bays
  • The cost involved for booking a metered parking bay is $30/day.
  • City of Launceston has the right to remove a Skip Bin/Shipping container that has been placed on the road reserve without a permit.
  • Any damage caused to the road reserve or services therein by the placement of the item must be rectified by the resident.  If we see fit, we will perform any reinstatement works required and charge the supplier of the item.
  • When using a skip bin, all materials must be contained within the skip and adjacent areas around the skip kept clean.


To submit a request view the Skip Bin or Shipping Container placement page.